Your Above Ground Pool Cover Will Save You Money, Here is Ho…

Tired of heating your pool to a desired temperature and finding it cold again the next day? Not happy about the amount of chlorine you need to put into your pool on hot summer spells? Let’s talk a bit about above ground pool covers and how they can save you money.

I’m a pool owner, have been for 8 years now. It was in my third year of ownership that I purchased an (expensive) above ground pool winter cover. Guess what I use it for?

I cover my pool each and every night in the summer.

That’s right. When I’m done swimming for the day, I pull over the above ground pool winter cover and let that heat stay right where I want it.

Not sure where you live, I’m in Southern British Columbia, Canada. Nice place, we hit 70-90 degrees on occasion. Thing is, come evening, most nights you throw on a sweatshirt to keep warm. Temperatures do drop a bit come sunset. This is when I put the cover on my above ground swimming pool. I like to trap in the heat that my solar panels, attached to the south facing roof, have provided all day long.

In the morning, if I want an early swim, I can roll back the cover and jump right in. I know that pool is the 85+ degrees I left it at the night before. Now I have a backup heater system as well. It is a 25,000 BTU gas heater. When it comes on, I can actually see the gauge inside my gas meter at the side of my house moving.

Before I covered my pool, that good old gas heater would fire up around 3-4 am each morning to keep the pool to temperature. Did not think much of it until I received a couple of gas bills. Did not help that the gas company bills me every two months.

After a summer of $400 plus gas bills, I finally decided the investment into a good, quality, above ground pool cover was in order. My cover has a blue vinyl surface with a black plastic / vinyl underside. It is about 1/8th think with a heat resistant material in the middle.

It does not work like a solar cover, it will reflect light and heat when it is on. What is does do is keep the heat inside the pool. As a side bonus, it prevents water evaporation, which has proved to be less chemicals needed as well. Yes, I paid $1000 for the cover, once I had it custom made for my lazy L shaped pool. First year I believe I have saved that money in gas bills alone as my heater never runs.

I also get to open my pool almost a month ahead of my neighbours each spring. I put on my above ground pool cover and fire up the heater. This is my start up expense and I budget for it. My pool is hot within 48 hours and I take the cover off and on as I use the pool.

My neighbours are still waiting for a bit of sunshine to warm their above ground pool solar covers and unfortunately loose most their heat every day in the beginning. They loose their heat the same way it comes in, through their solar blankets.

My above ground pool winter cover is the only cover I have.

Come winter, we get cold but rarely freeze, so I keep the cover off my pool as I have no heat to protect and we like the pleasant look of an open pool versus a pool all bundled with leaves rainwater and debris all on top.

Sure I need to clean it on occasion, but we all need a few extra chores now don’t we?

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