Why Install Solar Shingles

Relatively new in the market today, solar shingle are an alternative solution to solar panels, both for the home and the business. Their basic advantages are two: an entire roof provides more area, which means a lot of energy is produced, even if each single panel does not produce a lot of energy; they have better aesthetics than traditional solar panels, and so they are more likely to be permitted by local ordinances and neighborhood associations.

These shingleles are specially designed so that they may be installed like regular shingles by regular roofers, over new or existing roof sheathing. However, after this is done an electrician (or specifically trained roofer) is required to wire the units together and tie them to your home's electrical system.

You do not have to cut ties with the local grid in order to get solar energy. Nowadays, the existing power grid works in concert with most solar systems, and provides backup after sundown or rainy days, when the shingles do not produce as much energy. Of course, in sunny regions such a backup is essentially unnecessary, and you can sell surge energy into the grid. So wherever you save more money or less money depends on where you live and the amount of sunlight available year-round. It also depends on the price of electricity in your area.

Still, anyonewho is considering the installation of solar shingles should be aware there are pros and cons. On the one hand, they are easy to install, they can be cheaper than normal solar panels, and they have appealing aesthetics. On the other hand they are still less efficient than solar panels, they are usually more expensive if you are covering a large area of ​​roof, and it can be challenging to find a professional installer for them since at the moment not all roof installers have the training necessary to install them. The good news is research continues to make these systems more affordable, more aesthetic and simpler to install.

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