Why Install a Solar Roof Panel

The advances in solar technology has helped in creating more efficient and light weight solar cells that make solar roof panels a more practical choice for the ordinary households. Solar cells of the solar roof panels are able to convert sunlight into solar energy which can be used for providing electrical energy to your home.

These solar shingles or solar roof panels are meant to replace the regular shingles of your home, so providing a waterproof coverage to your home and also generating electrical power as an added advantage. As far as their installation is concerned, a solar roof panel is easiest to install. The most common sizes used by households are 4 by 8 foot or 4 by 4 foot.

Some of them are designed in such a way that they can be installed right on the existing roof, thus eliminating the requirement of first removing the old roof. Some of the manufacturers also have a simplified installation process which only requires the system to plug and play. The electrical connection between the panels is free of any tools and only needs to be connected with each other through handy plugs.

Advanced solar technology is able to produce solar cells that can produce 20% efficiency, as compared to 7-10% produced by older cells. This development has led to an improvement in the economies of solar energy and makes investment in a solar roof panel more viable than the previous systems. These panels are a perfect way of cutting energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and becoming more self-sufficient.

The different kinds of solar roof panels are the traditional types, advanced types and compact types while the best ones are light weight panels which are less expensive, smaller in size and still capture sufficient amount of energy every day.

With the use of this new technology, the roof of your home can provide you not only protection but it can also turn into an important source of electrical power. By making use of sunlight that falls on your homes roof, you can power all your electrical gadgets without the need to pay hefty electricity bills. So, take a step today and do not let the sunlight fall on your roof go waste any more.

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