What the Raindrop Gutter Guard Reviews Will Not Tell You

Regrettably, most gutter guard reviews available on the internet are biased. This certainly makes it difficult for homeowners to distinguish the reliable products from the ones that are not so great, but are overly praised. Most Raindrop gutter guard reviews are biased as well. That is why it is a good idea to have the features of the system objectively assessed.

The Raindrop gutter guards come in the form of panels. These gutter covers have a bar structure. The bars are lined vertically on the main frame and there are tiny distances between them. The bars have rounded tops. The panels are made from a polypropylene mixture. Their upper runner is slipped under the roof shingles while the lower runner is mounted to the lower lip of the gutter with the use of specific fasteners.

The structure of the Raindrop panels allows for leaves, twigs and other relatively large debris to be captured on top. Still, some thinner debris pieces such as pine needles can easily get inside the gutter. The curved tops of bars make it easier for the water drops to enter the gutter. This increased the rainwater flow rate automatically which is an advantage. The Raindrop protective cover has good performance, in general.

The panels of this protective system are made from polypropylene, which is a type of plastic. The material is strong and flexible. These qualities allow the Raindrop panels to withstand the pressure caused by snow and ice. Still, just like any plastic, polypropylene is not perfectly weatherproof. It will not get damaged by water, but the harmful UV rays of the sun can damage and surface and make the bars more susceptible to thinning, bending and cracking. Generally, polypropylene does not boast with the best outdoor durability.

The Raindrop gutter guards have to be installed with the use of tools and special fasteners. This might force you to call a professional which will add to the cost of the purchase. Still, this type of mounting provides greater stability and this is certainly and advantage.

As you can see, the Raindrop gutter guard has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. The protective system scores well in terms of performance and stability, but it does not come with great durability. This is what every honest Raindrop gutter guard review should be able to tell you, even though most reviews tend to be one-sided only and praise or renounce the system.