What Roof Contractors Do

It may seem obvious that roof contractors would be responsible for installing the support system and roofing materials like shingles. But, not all roofers provide all of those services.

Some teams are strictly involved in repairing existing roofs. If you lost some shingles during a recent windstorm, the individual or team would come to your home, take a look at your problem and give you an estimate.

In some cases, shingles can only be purchased in certain quantities. A busy contractor may be able to replace just a couple of the missing or damaged ones. He or she would use the rest of the shingles on another job.

If you hired a contractor that was not very busy or tried to do the job yourself, you would need to buy a bundle or a square. The number of shingles in the bundle varies depending on the shingle's weight.

The bundles are designed to be lightweight enough for a single person to carry easily. If the individual shingles are lightweight three tab or laminates, there would be more of them in each bundle. With heavyweight shingles, fewer are included in each package.

Many roof contractors specialize in all new construction. If there is not a lot of new construction going on, they sometimes take repair or side jobs. But, they prefer the larger new construction jobs.

If you were building a garage or an add-on, you would want to contact a roofing contractor that specializes in new construction. Even for the best do-it-yourselfers, the installation of the main support beam in a garage is something that only a professional can do.

Another option for a large project is to hire a general contractor. The general contractor's business is based on his or her connections within the industry.

That means that a general contractor would be familiar with the roof contractors in the area and would hire them on an as-needed basis. When people move to a new area, they often turn to the general contractor for help.

Not only is he or she aware of the other professionals in the area. They are also aware of the necessary building permits and can usually obtain them quickly.

Some roofers work with all materials. Others will work only with basic asphalt shingle. If you want something special like a tin roof, you will need to find roof contractors that work with those materials.

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