What Makes a Good Quantity Surveyor (QS)

When it comes to ensuring the smooth running and management of construction projects or maintenance and repair works, few things are more essential than professional quantity surveying and QS cost management services.

It is recommended that building clients should always employ the services of construction and development consultants including one which specialises in chartered quantity surveying or QS services and provision of project management client advice. Many construction and development companies have already benefited from the considerable expertise available in the QS field which is closely regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or RICS..

Just some of the clear advantages that can be secured by appointing professional chartered quantity surveyors and cost management expert services, depending on the nature and size of development schemes, include:-

Quantity Surveying (QS) – Appointment of a professional Chartered Quantity Surveyor, or QS, offers many benefits and is essential for effective cost management and financial control of any construction contract. The distinctive competence of RICS QS, chartered quantity surveying services can be succinctly summarised as providing skills in measurement and valuation in the field of construction in order that such work can be described and the cost and price can be forecast, analysed, planned, controlled and accounted for.

Core quantity surveying QS services often include cost planning and preparing bills of quantities, interim valuations and final accounts for building works however many construction consultants offer further niche services which can be made available to help clients achieve their goals.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated, Chartered Quantity Surveyors are professional construction advisors whose principal role is to protect and enhance clients’ financial interests. As a minimum, these practices will normally ensure that building clients receive value for money on any given project. However some practices aim to secure further benefits wherever possible by adding value, using the commercial advantage of its specialist expertise in the QS field.

So the proficient, QS will help prepare early cost estimates and help the client plan project finances and budget parameters. By monitoring costs during early design stages, the quantity surveyor ensures that architectural enthusiasm is controlled by pointing out expensive features which may cause budget excesses if left unchecked. The QS will procure the works in a suitable manner,adopting a tender and contracting procedure administer the contract,Once design is settled and agreed with the client

As Chartered Quantity Surveyors regulated by RICS, the better qualified, competent practices will stand out as being the leading providers in their category. By choosing construction consultants who specialise in their relevant field, prospective clients can be assured that they will gain all of the advantages to be expected from an effective and well planned development scheme.

Good professional construction advisors will always ensure that services are correctly aligned and tailored to meet clients’ individual requirements. The chances are that one of these consultants should be a chartered quantity surveyor whose main role must be to ensure financial and contractual risks are kept to a minimum. The competent QS consultant will also help to focus other members of the client project team,on financial control and commercial awareness. If the project management team are all similarly motivated then the QS will have done its job in promoting value and cost management discipline, throughout the scheme.