Viking Mystery in Michigan – White Indians

Rune Mysteries – Michigan White Indians

Michigan is full of Viking Artifacts dating back to 1000 AD.

In 1876, Johan Bauer from the village of Wallsange, Sweden went in search of the “Rings and Runes of Kolberg.” He found them and started his life long quest for rune mysteries. In 1891, he emigrated with his parents to America where he became editor of a Swedish language newspaper in Ashland, Wisconsin.

One day, an Indian came into the office asking to buy a subscription. Bauer thought if was a joke. The Indian told him several Indians in the area were descendants of White men. The Indian spoke several Swedish words that peaked his interest.

Bauer recorded the Indian’s story in a 63 page booklet in 1930. The title was “Viking Mettles”. The story of the coming of the White men, with their Rune Mysteries to America in 1010 AD.

The Indians said the white men wore “ice” (armor and helmets.) The Indians uttered strange words (Swedish) and wore Runic Charms to ward off evil. Where else could these Indians have learned Swedish words except from the Vikings themselves.

The coming of the Vikings in 1010 AD is told in dozens of legends and folk tales from the old men of the Chippewa, Menominee, Choctow and Arapahoe.

Why are American historians reluctant to write about these Indian legends.

In 1969, a hunter and five friends went hunting in Lake Country Michigan, near the Town of Baldwin. One of the hunters slipped while coming down a slope. He fell through a covering of sod and stones that laid over a roof of rotting logs.

It was a room about eight feet square. The floor had fire rings filled with carbon. There were conical piles of rocks, cairns, next to the pit, inscribed with runes.

Betty Sodders in her book “Michigan Pre-History Mysteries” reported other similar runes in the upper peninsula.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you will join with us and surf the net for more Hidden Viking History.