Understanding Your Contractor's Roofing Labor Rates

Over the past decade, both the roofing labor rates and the cost of roofing materials has increased substantially, so you need to get a firm estimate of you project costs in advance, and have exactly what they will explained in prejudice detail. The last thing you want is to have an opportunistic roofing contractor charge you those roofing labor rates for unnecessary work!

Normal Variances In Roofing Labor Rates

The roofing labor rates your contractor charges will vary from job to job, simply because no two roofs are identical, and things like dormer windows or the pitch of a particular roof will influence the roofing labor rates. So will tie-ins, overhangs, and any architectural features which mean extra work. The roofing contractors you interview should make it crystal clear how they expect to handle your roof's unique features, and you should select your contractor based on his experience and his level of certification.

You may regret trying to skimp on roofing labor rates by hiring a neighborhood handyman who claims to have enough roofing experience to handle your job, and is willing to charge much less than a professional roofer. Go ahead and ask the local handyman for references from people whose roofs he has fixed in the past, and talk to them. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised with the responses, and if his work has stood the test of time, you can add him to your short list of candidates for your project.

You should also get references from any certified roofing contractors you are considering, because you are entitled to compare the labor roofing rates that they quoted to you with the labor roofing rights that they have charged for similar similar jobs. If the rates they are offering you seem out of line with what they have charged other customer, you have the right to know why.

Do Some Detective Work

You can also ask prospective contractors for the names of some of their dissatisfied customers, because all contractors have them and speaking to a few will give you a more balanced impression of the contractors you are considering. And do a little legwork by going to your local home improvement and hardware stores to ask the staff there what a ballpark range for local roofing labor rates is.

You need some idea of ​​basic asphalt roofing shingle rates before you can judge whether the rats offered to you are excessive. Getting at least three estimates will let you determine if one of your contractors is making an exceptionally high or low bid, and you can talk to him in more depth to understand exactly why his labor roofing rates for your job are what they are.

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