Types of Solar Panels

As solar technology improves, more and more eco-conscious people are investing in this green way of producing electricity. As solar energy is produced directly from the sun, home owners can provide the electricity for their own home, and even make a profit through feed in tariffs.

But with so many types of panels on the market, how does a newcomer to solar technology know what is best suited to their household? This article will guide you through four of the most common types of solar panels available in the UK and outlines the strengths, weaknesses and suitability for different types of installation.

ET Solar 185W mono-crystalline silicon hybrid

ET Solar are based in the Far East, and are one of the most rapidly expanding solar modules manufacturers in the world. Their production capacity is huge and is on the rise. Their Nanjing Nanjing based manufacturing plant is one of the earliest solar production lines in the world, utilizing manufacturing equipment sourced from some of the world's best suppliers. This is one of the cheapest options, so for buyers on a budget who still wants excellent quality, this is a great choice.

Sharp 235W mono-crystalline silicon

This model is a great panel, suitable for almost any situation. The panels are made by the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. And because it is a huge multi-national company, any buyer of these panels can be certain that they will always be there to honor their incredible 25 year warranty, if anything should go wrong with your panels.

The panels are very efficient, and are manufactured to a very high standard in the UK. There is a smaller model available, the Sharp 185W, which is exactly the same but comes in a smaller size. This more compact model is suitable for homes with a smaller roof area, or for maximizing the space available on a rooftop.

Sanyo 235W mono-crystalline silicon hybrid

The Sanyo 235W is the most efficient solar panel in the world. The specialized, unique structure of the photovoltaic cells used, and the use of an amorphous silicon layer means that efficiency is maximized. Sanyo's history of innovation in the solar industry means that their revered brand of panels are used on solar installations throughout the world.

These panels are perfect for homes with a small amount of area suitable for solar installations, as the space will be used in the best possible way. Although you'll have to pay a premium for these panels, they are well worth any initial expenditure.

Solar Frontier

For aesthetic appeal, the Solar Frontier panel can not be beaten. Its sleek, black design fits in well with any roof with dark tiles and this panel is very well adapted for the British climate. It actually produces more electricity in overcast weather than other panels, which is perhaps more suitable for Britain's often gloomy weather. On top of this, 60% less energy is required to manufacture the panels so the energy payback time is reduced. These panels have proved to be reliable over many years of stringent testing, and are certainly more than just aesthetically pleasing.

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