Top Bloggers and How to Make It

How to Make Money Blogging?

A Blog has emerged as a valuable web property in the past decade. This is because people love to read blogs more than any other media on the internet. Because blogs are trustworthy. But still many people around the world do not know that it is possible to make money from a Blog.

Most people still think that blogging is used for personal journals, to pass the time, and so forth. But you can now make money out of your Hobby and Passion while blogging. In countries like India, it's still a very new concept and most of the people do not know that they can literally make tons of money from Blogging.

Here are the ways to make Money from your Blog

01) Selling Advertisement Space on your Blog –

Well, this is the simplest way to make money from your blog and it's very easy to start. The best advertising program that's out now is Google AdSense. You just have to sign in with AdSense and install the HTML code provided by them. And you will start learning from the start.

Although the money generated from AdSense is closely related to the level of web traffic your Blog receives. You are seeing the ads surrounding this article. These are the ads, provided by similar programs such as Google AdSense. When I first launched this blog, my first income generating stream for this blog was AdSense. For the first few months my earning were just $ 3-5 per month. As time went on, the earnings today are much more than this.

02) Affiliate Marketing –

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing means selling other people's products. Here you get commission on every sale you make from your Blog. Just find out the related products from the Niche of your Blog and start promotion products. Here are the few best affiliate programs.

– Amazon Affiliates
– Click Bank
– Commission Junction

03) Paid Reviews –

You can also make money from your blog by publishing paid reviews on your blog. You can review anything such as a product, service, website or another blog. The more readership your blog has, the more money you can charge per paid review. Some Authority Blogs charge as high as $ 500 per reviews.

There are also third parties which have a wide range of products for reviews. You can join their site and start making money from it right now.

04) Make money from Podcast & Videos –

You can also start a podcast or a video series on your blog and find out a sponsor for it. Say for Example, if you run a photography blog, then you can find some Digital Camera company as a sponsor for the videos you generate. This is one great way of making money from your blog.

Thus, there are several ways to Make Money Blogging. You can combine any one or all of the above ways to make money from your Blog.

Google AdSense Blogger

Google AdSense is the amazing program over the Internet. No other software program is making this much money as Google AdSense.

AdSense in combination with AdWords make literally $ 20 Billion + for Google every year … Yes, those are billions!

The day you install AdSense on your website, Blog or Forum, it will make just a few dollars a month for you. But over the time, once the web traffic level on your web property increases, it will make money like hell for you. There are several Bloggers around the world who are making literal 6 figure income in dollars every year from their Authority Blogs.

What I like about AdSense is its Passive Income nature. I consider AdSense Income as the Passive Income (Even though the Government does not count it as a Passive Income). This is because I have to work hard at once to write the articles on this blog and after that the money keeps flowing into my bank accounts without my effort every month. Suppose if I stop Blogging today; I will get the same amount of money every month (Fluctuating +/- 10%) for the rest of my life and even after that.

This is because the information that I have already created on this Blog is valuable and as long as people will continue consuming this Information, the web traffic level on this Blog will remain the same and I will make money from my Blog. It's like learning a Royalty by writing a book, play, or a movie script.

For example, suppose I write a paid review on my blog; This will not be my Passive Income but the Active Income. This is due as long as I need money, I have to write and post more and more paid reviews on this Blog. And the day, I stop writing reviews, that Income will be totally lost.

And that is why I prefer ads. It's the Online Passive Income. And I LOVE to develop passive income streams in my life.

Anyway, here is a List of Top Most AdSense earners and their earnings around the world

1. Markus Frind – – $ 300,000 per month
2. Kevin Rose – – $ 250,000 per month
3. Jeremy Schoemaker – $ 140,000 per month
4. Jason Calacanis – Weblogs, Inc. – $ 120,000 per month
5. David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard – $ 100,000 per month
6. Tim Carter – – $ 30,000 per month
7. Shawn Hogan – – $ 10,000 per month

There are many more Bloggers such as TechCrunch, Labnol, Problogger, Copyblogger, etc. Who are also making literally 6 figure income every year from their blogs.