Top 5 Pests to Expect and Prevent in College Dorms

When students go away to college, they are on their own to maintain their dorm room. Here is some information on the pests to expect in a dorm room and some tips that will help you control them.

Spiders: Most people jump at the sight of a spider. Spiders are un-welcomed guests that always tend to make their way into a room. Spiders are attracted to two things, moisture and light. Often your will see spiders make webs in the corners of the room or by the windows. If you do see a web forming, a hand-held vacuum is an easy way to get rid of it. Try not to leave clutter around. Spiders can easily make a web in a stack of papers or in a cup that is just lying around.

Stink Bugs: The Western Conifer Seed Bug, often called the stink bug, is a bug that seems to make its way onto dorm walls. You will see stink bugs more likely in the winter months because they will go inside to look for shelter. When you kill them, they give off a foul odor. The only way to prevent them is to seal off entry points from the outside, like windows and doors.

Lady Bugs: If you see a small dot on the wall, don’t be surprised if it is a lady bug! Lady bugs are around 1/4″ long and are red or yellow with black spots. Like the stink bug, lady bugs will come indoors to look for shelter. They best way to keep these out is to seal off all entry points.

Flies: Flies and gnats are a big nuisance in dorms. You will find a significant number of gnats in the bathrooms. Flies and gnats love moisture and will hover around pipes that condensate. If a fly does enter your room the best this to do is have a fly swatter handy. Flies are very quick and a hassle to get rid of! Flies are either attracted to decay organisms or food. Hopefully a fly will be in your room just from crumbs and not a dead mouse!

Silverfish: Silverfish look like hairy centipedes. They are usually 1/2″ to 3/4″ long and appear silver to brown from their scales. They are flat and oval shaped, with three long tails and two antennas. Silverfish are attracted to moisture and will thrive in rooms 70 to 80 degrees. Silverfish are nocturnal but can be found in the day time.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to stay bug free in your dorm:

– Make sure the screens in your windows do not have tears or holes.

– Frequently dust. By dusting the areas that you rarely use will reduce the amount of pests your see significantly.

– Try to make sure there is not a big space between your door and the floor. Often there will be a small space which is big enough for pests to crawl under.

– Do not leave damp clothes or towels around. Hang up all wet clothes before you throw them in your hamper.

– Make sure all food is securely stored. Most people will be eating a bag of chips then leave the room for a bit. You’d be surprised how fast bugs can sense food!

– Position furniture right against the wall or in an area where you can move it. If there is an inch between a closet and the wall, pests will likely hang out there.

– If you do see pests, try not to kill them. Some insects, like the stink bug, will give off a scent that attracted other to the area. Catch the pest and throw it outside.

– Don’t leave clothes lying on the floor. Even if the clothes are not damp, a shirt can make a warm environment for a pest to live under!