Top 5 Moving Tips – Easier and Cheaper

So you made the plunge and closed the loan on your new home. Many thanks from those of us in the real estate industry.

Now comes the fun part – moving. We went through 5 moves last year between houses, kids and offices. We offer here the top moving 5 tips to help ease your moving process.

Before you get started, just make sure you review the moving timelines with your Realtor and in your contract. Many moves ago we had a bad experience as a seller. We thought we clearly told the Realtors that we needed two days to move after closing to get out of the house and clean it out. Something was lost in translation and our buyers thought that the "moving fairy" would move us out while closed. The result was an uncomfortable situation on Halloween night with us trying to move out of our house and our buyers sitting on the curve handing out candy. So make sure you have your deadline down before you close.

With that here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Move your important papers and a tool box in your car, not in the moving van. Pack your important papers and files in a separate box, clearly labeled. Make sure your tool box has the proper tools to set up the beds and appliances.

  2. Pack sheets and towels in your luggage.

  3. Invest $ 50 in a furniture dolly. They're great for moving large items, are not that expensive, and do not take too much storage space. You've been surprised at how often you'll use this tool in the future.

  4. Shop for used boxes on Craigslist. People who just moved are dying to get rid of their boxes. You can rehab any damaged boxes with a little packing tape. They're usually free – not a bad price.

1. This is a great tip for those of you looking to save money on the actual moving costs. U-Haul has a service on their website that allows you to contact local moving companies to help you load and unload your furniture. You do the driving – the movers assist with the difficult task of loading and unloading the big stuff, furniture, appliances and big boxes. We saved over 75% over the cost of hiring a crew to do the whole move. Crews usually charge a two hour minimum. We found that a two man crew could easily unload a large truck within the two hour minimum.

With a little advance planning your moving experience will be easier and cheaper. Good luck!