Top 4 Sales & Marketing Ideas to Win More Business

1) Prospect and sell to companies that you currently do business with

We all have bills and write checks to these vendors every month. Why not make a list of all the companies you have a professional working relationship with. Contact them and tell them about your company/produce/service. Not everyone will be a potential client, but you should have ready access to the owner/decision maker since you already enjoy a buying relationship with them.

2) Every Sales Professional is an IT (Information Technology) and Communications Company first and foremost and a sales professional second

Understanding and utilizing the latest social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram can help you to expand your sales reach and prospecting effectiveness. Develop a digital footprint and presence on each of these mediums with great content that speaks and resonates the value your company/product/service provides. Be creative and different in your approach. Remember, Coco Channel said it best, “You Have To Be Different To Be remembered.”

3) Sell to Public Companies

If you currently own some stock, why not sell and market to companies you are currently investing in. Go to the company’s website and search for the “Office of Investor Relations.” Every publicly traded company has one. Contact them, introduce yourself and mention that you own some of their company’s stock. It can be only one share. State that you have a keen interest in the financial well-being of the organization.

Mention to your contact that you have researched some of the recent press releases and stories on their web site and the company you represent may be able to help them with their recent (mention issues & challenges that your company/product/service can solve or help with) here. Develop a unique sales value proposition (USVP) that speaks to the organizations “pain points.” Indicate you would like some help in identifying the key individual(s) and decision makers for your product/service in the company based on your research. Actively solicit and ask for their help. You are both on the same team!

When you do make contact with the decision maker be prepared to state your unique sales value proposition. Don’t forget you already share common interests in the success of the enterprise. If you experience some difficulties connecting with the specific decision makers, then, “start at the top”. Research the CEO’s name and reach out to his or her Executive Assistant (EA). The EA has immense power and influence, please do not underestimate it. Treat them with the same respect you would the CEO, they can be a tremendous resource. If you currently do not own stock in a public company, research those that have a need for your product/service. It can be a fun, creative and productive way to not utilize the “sales herd mentality”.

4) Utilize Fed Ex to Engage Hard to Reach C-Level Executives

A Fed Ex Next or 2/3 Day Envelop can cost as little as $20.00. This is a very small price to pay for access to a C-Level executive if done right. This is a new and creative prospecting strategy to connect with busy, time-starved executives. Most sales people rely on utilizing only the current social media channels such as LinkedIn or email and phone to attempt a first contact with a C-Level prospect. There is nothing wrong with that approach and sometimes it even works. But why not increase the odds of making an impactful, creative connection.

By prospecting a little bit differently via Fed Ex to reach C-Level executives you need to obtain the correct names, titles and background information not just on the Executive but also the Executive Assistant (EA). Aside from the most important people in a C-Level Executives life – their family; their Executive Assistant (EA) in many cases yields and wields much influence and power – The Executives daily schedule. Don’t underestimate their influence and reach.

Treat them with the respect they earned and deserve. You can increase your chances of reaching the C-Level executive by addressing the Fed Ex envelop to the EA.

Here’s a real-world example of the power and success of this strategy. I was recently providing some sales and marketing consulting to an Austin-based SAAS financial software company as their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) I had recommended to the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) that we needed to initiate an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program and campaign to each of the sales teams Top Five Accounts. I needed to develop a creative idea that would capture the C-Level Executive’s attention and mindshare.

I developed the idea of purchasing some remote control drones where I could affix the targeted company’s name and logo too. Since our software solution helps companies organize, consolidate, report and improve their financial reporting capabilities. I developed the tagline; “Take Your Financials to New Heights”. My team created a sleeve that was placed around the drone box with that tagline. I then sent the drones via Fed Ex to the C-Level Executives OR Executive Assistant (EA). The Fed Ex/drone campaign was overwhelmingly successful. The $2500.00 expense for this effort generated over $200,000 in net new sales. So please remember to be smart, be bold and creative. In selling, fortune favors the bold!