Too Busy To Slow Down? (Doubt It)

I've been taking it really easy since all my hoopin 'and hollerin' Friday night at the Michael Franti concert. This is most certainly a good thing. I've been cranking out some work, and admittedly, I've been recuperating from the over-indulgence.

There's definitely something to be said for stopping. Just stopping whatever you're doing and getting present.

I received an email from a friend and potential business partner this afternoon that screamed overwhelmed to me. I've been there so many times, so I know. You could just tell from her writing … the anxiety and hurried word in just her first paragraph. It certainly made me take a pause to send peace her way.

Sometimes nature makes you take pause … like right now.

Although I've arrived at my destination, it's raining pretty hard outside. So, I've turned off the engine, turned off the lights, turned off the radio, turned off the iphone. And for the past 10 minutes, I've just listened to the sound of the raindrops on the roof.

It's awesome to take the time to observe, really observes, those happy, dancing raindrops trickle and burst down the window pane.

This moment of bliss was so inspirational that I decided to write about it and share it with you, just in case you're too busy to slow down yourself. Hopefully you can close your eyes and at least imagine it.

It also feels like I'm in a cocoon of sorts, observing the outer world. My false perception is that no one can observe me back.

I just watched a guy in a bright red raincoat and flip flops leisurely walk his yellow lab. The rain does not bother him a bit. A few minutes past that, I observed a full-blown argument taking place between a stressed out couple in their car. The rain must bother them a lot.

It seems like we do not have time, but we can make time if we really want to, especially time for ourselves. Just steal some moments like I'm doing now. I believe it's important to take a pause out of the hectic and come back to the peace.

The ten minutes of raindrops have been music to my ears. I'm glad I'm learning to stay present.

The street lights just came on. My roommate just came home. And I gotta pee. So with my spirit renewed, I'm ready to dash to the door.

But at least for the past few minutes, I exhaled. And it was nice.

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