Tips On How To Repair A Leaking Roof

Roof leaks are usually dangerous as they can result in damage and collapse of a building. The good side is that minor leaks can easily be repaired without the help of a professional roofer. To help you out here are the steps that you should follow to repair the roof.

Find the origin of the leak

It's easy to find the origin of a leak if the roof is flat; however, if the roof has another design, it's usually very hard to identify the leak's origin.

You need to begin looking from the puncture and press on the water spots on the ceiling. When you see a ray of sunshine, you should know that you have found the gap.

If you are still having trouble finding the origin, you should search for used tiles with sunken patches. You should also search for protected, cracked, buckled or aged tiles.

If you identify curled shingles, you should straighten them. If the weather is cold, you should soften the edge of the shingle with heat. For example, you can use a hair dryer. If there are damaged shingles, you should replace them and see if leaking will stop.

Seal the hole

Once you have identified the origin of the leak, you should put a mark on it so that you do not lose it. If it's a roll roof, you should mend the blisters by cutting a line through the middle of the blister with a utility knife. When cutting you should be careful and avoid cutting the roofing melt which is usually located under the roof.

You should ensure that the blister is dry by squeezing out any water then spread a generous amount of roofing cement under the loose roofing materials and press them down.

After doing this you should drive galvanized roofing nails along each side of the repaired blister and then cover the top of the roof with roofing cement. To ensure that the roof retains its elegant look, you should also cover the nail heads.

If the leak is resulting from damaged shakes, you should use a hammer and chisel to split the damaged shakes. You should then remove the pieces and cut off the nail ends that can not be pried out. After removing the nail ends you should cut a new shake then slide it into place. You should use a hammer to hammer the shake in place.

This is how you should repair a hole in your roof. If you are having problems in repairing the hole by yourself, you should hire the services of a professional roofer who will do the work fast and at little cost.

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