Tips for Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company

Installing commercial roofing requires a significant financial investment, and the value of the investment depends partly on the quality of the roofing company. If your building needs a new roof, do not finalize a contract from any roofing contractors before you consider the tips below:

Business Location

A company that lacks a permanent business location, or has a permanent location outside of your region, is financially risky, as most companies perform the best work in the area where their customer base is located. Out of town companies, especially those that lack a permanent location, have been known to perform poor work, and then leave town.

Area of ​​Specialty

Some companies specialize in certain types of roofs and not others. Without a company specializes in the type of installation you need, it should not install the roof. In addition to stating that it specializes in the installation you need, the company should be able to show examples of how the same installation was performed for other building owners. Do not hire a company that can not prove it specializes in the type of installation you need.

Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

Always choose a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensing shows that:

  • The company is licensed to perform commercial roofing in the state of Georgia
  • Bonding compensates you for stolen property
  • Insurance compensates you for property damage and injuries
  • It follows the company's workers from filing a negligence claim against you if they are injured

To find out whether roofing contractors are licensed, contact the Georgia State Construction Industry Licensing Board. To discover whether they are bonded and insured, you can ask for proof of bonding and insurance, and then contact the provider (s) of the policies as an added safety measure.

Customer References

You can never speak to enough customer references before you decide which company to hire, but be sure to speak to at least six of them, and ask them important, straightforward questions, such as:

  • Was the project finished on schedule?
  • Was the bid increased after the project commenced?
  • Is the roof still performing as expected?
  • Were there problems with the company's workers?

Because commercial roofs are designed to last for years, it is best to speak with references whose roofs were installed a minimum of three years ago.

Contractor's Warranty

The quality of roofing material is ensured by a manufacturer's warranty, but the quality of a roofing job is guaranteed by a contractor's warranty. If your roof has problems that result from poor installation, the latter stipulates that the company must repair it at no cost to you. Because a reputable company always offers this warranty, you should not consider hiring a contractor that does not offer it.


A roofing company can have a significant impact on the quality of a roofing job, and if the customer is well protected financially during and after the project. If you need to accept bids from roofing contractors for a commercial roofing job, remember the tips above as you make your decision.

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