The Four Major Benefits of Using Metal Roofing Shingles on Your Home

When it is time to choose materials for building a home, there are some major decisions to make, such as floor plans, plumbing needs, fixtures, and kitchen components. Choosing roofing materials is not the most fun choice homeowners face, but it is actually one of the most important things to think about. One ideal roofing material is metal. Metal is an ideal material for a variety of reasons, aside from being one of the most attractive options.

1. Longevity

One major benefit of choosing metal shingles or slats is that they can last for many years without the need for replacement. In many cases, metal shingles can last up to 50 years. They can last even longer if they are carefully maintained. Choosing this material for a home will result in shingles that can outlast almost any other resource. Other materials, such as asphalt shingles, can eventually fall off of a house due to wind, rain, and sun damage, and they will often require significant upkeep and replacement over time.

2. Fire Resistant

Another crucial benefit of this material is the fact that it is fire resistant. Not only will it have a higher likelihood of surviving a fire, but it is also useful in areas where wildfires are prevalent. Since the heat in wildfires creates a swirling effect, embers easily drop down to the nearest surface, immediately setting it on fire. Many homes are lost every year because of a wildfire in which embers fell on the roofs. Metal roofs can prevent such a catastrophe from occurring.

3. Weather Resistant

These shingles are also wonderful for any weather condition. They can easily outlast regular asphalt shingles, especially in a heavy windstorm. These materials will not easily fly off the joists, unlike other coverings. Snow is an especially major problem for roofing materials, as it is heavy, can cause scratches, and can remove tiles. However, metal is able to resist these issues because of its strength and durability.

4. Ease of Contractor Installation

For contractors, metal can be much easier to install than other roofs. One major advantage is that these shingles can be manufactured in many ways to make the process easier. They are available in all shapes, colors, sizes, and dimensions so that the process is not only easier but also attractive. They also do not require as much labor. Traditional roofing requires contractors to hand-nail the shingles and to use various types of instruments to have the material installed. Using an alternative material can save quite a bit of money on labor costs.

Choosing a roofing material can be a difficult decision, so it is important to carefully evaluate what the options are. For homeowners who want a home that is going to last and need minimal repairs, a metal roof is a great option. For homeowners who want to keep their homes more traditional, asphalt may be desirable. Either way, it is crucial to carefully weigh the benefits of each option and come up with what works best for the individual.