The Best Angle For Your Rooftop Solar: What You Must Know

Even if you hail from a sun-kissed city which receives abundant sunshine throughout the year, you must look for solar arrays with the perfect size and orientation for optimum production. A photovoltaic (PV) system can be your biggest disappointment if not correctly set up. This is the reason why you should consider factors such as panel size, shading, panel angle, and roof inclination. So, to derive the optimal value out of solar panels for your home, make sure they’re installed at an appropriate angle to get maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. The best angle depends on a number of factors. Here are a few of them:

Structural Accuracy of Your Roof

The most important thing to remember while installing solar arrays is to understand your roof’s structural precision. You must learn about the roof angle and the direction in which it inclines. For maximum efficiency, you can repair the structural inaccuracies before you set up the panels. However, you cannot do much about the roof angle or pitch. This is the reason you must know where, how, and when the sun’s rays hit the panels.

The Right Angle

If you are installing a fixed, roof-mounted PV system, it must have an angle equivalent to the roof’s location where you plan to install the panels. Ideally, inclinations between 30 and 45 degrees should work fine. You can expect optimal production when a PV system faces south at an angle of 30 degrees. Even if the roof’s inclination gets reduced by five degrees, production of energy will go down by approximately 10 percent. In fact, your roof’s angle has little impact on the efficiency of the panels. If you ask professional installers, they will tell you that your roof’s direction has a greater effect on solar performance than its angle.

Flexible Racking System

Homeowners keen on improving solar performance during the summer and winter months can opt for a flexible racking system for maximum energy production. If you tilt the solar panels 15 degrees down during the summer months and 15 degrees sharper in winter, your rooftop PV system can absorb maximum energy from the sun. If this adjustment does not suit your requirements, there are other ways to adjust the angle for optimal efficiency.

Best Panel Orientation

If you want maximum efficiency out of your PV system, you must decide on its orientation. You must decide where exactly to mount the panels on the roof. We recommend that you install them at a spot that receives the sun’s rays perpendicularly. The ideal panel orientation is towards the south.

Roof Space

How much roof space do you have for installing solar arrays? The quintessential factor is the availability of space for the right-sized panels that fit your energy consumption needs and budget. Homeowners with multiple-plane roofs cannot set up an entire PV system at the same inclination. This is the reason why a few panels require installation at different angles.

Keep these factors in mind whenever you plan to install a new PV system Even if you are installing solar panels for your home, a city that receives plenty of sunlight, it would be wrong to assume that the panels would automatically work great and function to their maximum level. For optimal energy production, choose a high-quality PV system and make sure a certified installer sets it up.

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