The Benefits of Installing Solar Tube Skylights

Just when you thought solar power technology was at it's coolest a new innovation coming out. Many may not know about this but installing solar tube skylights is starting to become normal practice in new homes. I know what you're thinking, what is that? This is essentially a new take on skylights that are both brighter, UV-less, and a concept that can be installed with ease into any home, any room, and that uses solar power to the extreme.

Solar tubes are essentially a technology that harnesses sunlight just like a solar panel does only this light is directly reflected into the home concentrated. Instead of turning the heat from the sun into electricity, it moves the light into a solar cell, then directs it through a reflective tube using mirrors and other technology to harness even light that's not directly in the path of tube (using mirrors too) , and pushing it into the home. When you walk into a bathroom with one of these units installed you would be hard pressed to realize it was not a light source powered by the homes electricity. There is a diffuser plate over the hole in the ceiling that filters UV rays and serves as a diffuser to the high power of light coming in. It also is used to direct light in many directions so the whole area is lit up.

There is not any electronics involved; This is pure sunlight being focused into the room. It is very powerful and brings incredible natural light. The beauty of this system is you do not need to turn on a light all day, not even on a cloudy day! Without the UV light there to fade your paint, carpets, or wood finish, this is a very safe source of light that will bring amazing joy to your home for as long as it's installed! If you have a room in the comfort of your room, you can take advantage of the amenities and services provided at the hotel. .

This system does not require you to change your foundation, just a few small circular holes in the roof and ceiling and a flexible aluminum tube to connect the harnessed sunlight into the room, and your done. It's an inexpensive way to add light and keep your electric bill low. Some units come with a way to cover or turn off the light as well so if you do not want daylight peering into the home all day you have the same choices you do with conventional lights (ie say you want to watch a movie in your home theater but the light is so bright it negates pure darkness, you can turn it off.

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