The Advantages of Solar Shingles and Solar Panels

Solar energy with photovoltaic technologies is a new popular source of energy that brings renewable energy to your home. Currently, there are two famous types of photovoltaic technologies that supply the solar energy by the same way. It is solar shingle and solar panels. Before you make a decision to have it, there are a few things to consider when choosing between them. Each of them have their own advantages and is better suited to a certain type of structure. Below are some prerequisites for you to consider prior to make your choices.

What is Solar shingle required prior to it?

First, your roof must aim at the sun and the second, the roof must have a sub strait that can handle when getting hot. These disadvantages can rule out certain weakly angled (or flat) roofs as well as roofs with improper air circulation. Your roof structure should meet the requirements prior to install the solar shingle.

Beside the disadvantages, solar shingles also have some advantages. After your roof completely installed with solar shingle, they look just like a roof, no bulky panels / mounts and nice looking way to get some green energy into your house. They also not only provide you solar power energy, but they actually protect your house from the elements.

Solar panels also have their own advantages. It is almost popular than solar shingles due to solar panels are more bigger and cheaper to install. An adjustable tracks also allow solar panels to go on roofs of various slopes. Solar panels can be easy to remove and relocated without buying a new roof. The tracks of the solar panels can help angle toward the sun if your roof facing the wrong direction. These advantages become a major factor to remain the photovoltaic technology of choice for commercial roofs or existing structures that want to go green without spending too much cost.

There are a lot of equipment and gadgets was built with using of solar energy today.

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