Straight Talk on Solar Roof Tiles

Solar energy technology in all it's diverse forms has been generating a massive buzz, and most notably over the past decade. New developments are not only bringing down cost, but they're also making the actual implementation of home solar systems far more feasible. So what about solar roof tiles?

Solar Roof Tiles Have Been in Development for Decades

These tiles have been in continuous development for decades, and in fact still are. Photovoltaic technology has of course been with is for much longer than this particular product because energy generating tiles have always presented a unique set of parameters. You see they had to be three things at once.

They Had To Look Fantastic

The first thing they had to be was functional as a roof tile because that's what tiles do. It was not OK for this new product to just look good either. Rather, because tile roofs are considered among the most decorative, solar roof tiles had to look great.

They Also Had to Last a Couple of Decades

Next they had to last at least at least 20 years. The reason for this is that of both the age expectancy of the average standard solar panel, and the minimum lifespan of a roof. Solar tiles could not be a step back in this respect or people simply would not use them.

Any Photovoltaic Product Has to Work Good

Lastly this product had to work. That is that they had to do a good job of generating electricity. You see in the end, there is always the cost of buying power off the grid that any photovoltaic generator has to be held up in comparison against.

Three Areas of Technology Development

So roof solar tiles mesh some new, and state of the art technologies together into one amazing new product that all at once, is a great roof covering, looks beautiful and does a stellar job of generating electricity for a home. It really is quite amazing if you stop to think about it.

The Savings Takes About 15 years to Cover their Cost

In the end though, the bottom line is that a product like this takes about 15 years of operation to cover its cost. Now that may seem like a long time to most people, but the fact is that electricity has to be bought anyway, and solar power is guilty free power.

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