Solar Shingles

Shingles, generally considered as traditional roofing material, have undergone a lot of change since their earliest use. Solar shingleles are indeed the ideal example in which science and technology have smoothly blended with tradition. They can easily be termed as a breakthrough breaking invention in the roofing industry.

Over the years, shingles have been used as roofing material that will protect a building from the elements. But solar shingles that usually look like common asphalt shingles move much beyond providing mere protection. They make the roof a healthy source of electricity. They come in attractive designs and colors and guarantee a low electricity bill for the owner. They are usually available in smaller shapes than most other variety of shingles because manufacturers and owners do not want to give an obvious idea that a gadget has really been installed on the roof. The electric power that is generated is absolutely pollution free, and the durable shingles usually come with fabulous manufacturer warranties.

Solar shinglees are unduly expensive, but once installed, they prove to be an amazing investment for the owner since they increase his property value to a great extent.

Usually installed over heavy felt sheeting, solar shingles bond together with sunlight and form a protective sheath on the roof. Electric wires are intrinsically linked with the whole system, but it is important for prospective buyers to realize that there are no risks of electricity leak, shocks, or similar mishaps. The electric wires are beautifully embedded in the system and do not disturb the aesthetic symmetry of a building.

Buyers are of course advised to do sufficient market research before going in for the ultimate investment. Installation is quite hassle-free and manuals are always readily available. Professionals should always be consulted for an attractive and safe finish. It is, after all, a major investment issue for the buyer.

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