Solar Shingles Information

Solar shingles can be integrated onto your roof to use solar energy without changing the aesthetics of your home. Solar shingles look just like regular shingles but they are ideally placed to covert solar energy into electricity. Solar energy is excellent for the environment as it does not create any emissions like burning fossil fuels and can be fed back into the grid to provide electricity for others, reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned for energy. Unlike other forms of energy solar energy is free as it comes form the sun so overall costs are very low.

Solar shingleles are attached to roof and work just like solar panels except you will not know that they are there. Because of their size and design solar shingles are more expensive than solar panels but are not as intrusive as solar panels. Let me just say that if you use solar shingles no one will now it without you tell them. Solar shingle collect energy and then convert it into electricity so you can power your home. They can be directly linked into your electrical grid or can be used to charge batteries that power you home at night.

You can design or renovate your home to maximize solar energy by using the placement of windows and trees, as well as using high thermal mass building material. Southern facing windows allow more light into your home so you will not have to turn on lights as well as heat from the sun. High thermal mass materials like water and granite can absorb a large amount of solar power and then slowly release it. The use of cement can keep you naturally cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The placement of plants around your home can provide cooling and shading to particularly hot areas of your home.

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