Solar Roofing Shingles

Find out how to generate power on the roof of your house with solar roofing shingles.

No matter where you're located, the price of electricity, the available sunshine and incentives by local and state governments have made it very appealing to install solar roofing shingles on your home or business.

In the beginning, solar power from the roof was considered too expensive for most homeowners. The initial expense has been reduced and often your electrical company will pay you for any excess power generated by your solar roofing shingle.

Solar roofing shingles are shingles that look very much like ordinary shingles but they allow your roof to generate solar electric power. Solar roofing shingleles install just like traditional asphalt singles. Once you hook them to your home's electrical system, you're generating solar power that can drastically reduce your electricity bill.

Solar roofing shingles do not require any additional support structures. They can withstand the elements of weather just as normal shingles. Some will even handle up to 80 mph wind loads.

Solar Roofing Shingles

If you're wonder how they look, they're designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can be integrated into almost any architectural style. They will not stick out and look like an intrusion on the roof of your home. It does not matter whether you're remodeling or doing a new construction, solar roofing shingles are available for your project.

Most solar roofing shingles are made for a twenty year power output and do come with warranties. They are lightweight and can be installed directly on fire-resistant roofing underlayment.

If you're planning to use solar roofing shingles, be sure to check with your local and state governments. Many offer assistance and other types of incentives for those choosing to use and produce solar energy. Some tax credit may even be available.

While the cost of solar roofing shingles is still higher than traditional shingles, with the incentives and the reduction of your electric bill you should be able to re-coup your investment in a short period of time. It's well worth the effort to harness the power of the sun by using solar roofing shingles.

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