Solar Roof Tiles – Solar Power Without the Solar Look

If you're like a lot of people these days who are considering the installation of solar power in their homes, you may not know the difference between solar roof tiles and a solar panels. And the distinction is important because the one thing that prevails many people from enjoying the benefits of solar power is that they are afraid of ruining the appearance of their home.

So what is the difference between a home equipped with solar panels vs. one with solar roof tiles? It is not hard to notice. Solar panels are those large, cumbersome units that often are perched atop the roof of a house, making it look to some people like something out of a science fiction movie.

To install the panels properly, it is often necessary for additional roof framing or roof penetration. And if yours is the first house on the block to install solar panels, you might have to end lots of funny looks and derogatory comments from the neighbors.

On the other hand, solar roof tiles are much less obtrusive than solar panels. As the name implies, solar roof tiles are incorporated into your existing roof, whether it consist of asphalt shingles or most other common types. One shingle weighs about 2.5 pounds per square foot, so they are generally easy to work with when it comes to installation.

They tend to be a dark bluish-gray in color, so they blend in easily with most existing roof types. And the best thing is that they provide for a seamless look, so the untrained eye will not be able to tell the difference.

But somehow the best thing about solar roof tiles is how they help you save on your energy bill. One tile puts out about 50 to 200 watts of energy, which is about as much as a small window fan. While this may not sound like much, if you incorporate the tiles into your entire roof, you should be able to supply enough energy for your entire house.

And if you are sufficient enough to live in a sunny state such as California, Florida, or Arizona, you may even produce more energy than you need. You can then sell this excess energy back to the local power company, further reducing your energy costs.

So not only do solar tiles look great, they'll help you do what's really important: save money. To find out more about solar tiles visit solar roof shingles .

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