Solar Roof Shingles – Reduce Your Power Bill Today

The largest form of energy in the solar system comes from the sun. We have not been able to utilize this energy as electricity due to less concentration and capability to capture enough sunlight to convert it. It would be of great help to the world if this energy can be used for day to day activities reducing pressure on the other sources of energy. A step forward in this direction is the Solar Roof Shingles. These are solar panels fitted to your roof that absorb sunlight and convert it to small currents or sources of electrical energy. This energy can then easily be used in the day to day activities.

The roof shingles can be easily stapled on to the roof and are also aesthetically appealing. The shingles come in deep blue or purple colors and cover the roof effortlessly. The electricity generated from them is DC, and the once used at home is AC. Pone would need to buy an inverter along with the shingles to make use of the electricity generated.

The Solar Roof Shingles were commercially available since 2005 and were expected to generate a whopping $ 5 billion by 2010. Many new constructions already have the solar roof shingles on their roofs and is a good move considering the rapid developments in the field of alternative energy. If the shinglees are able to produce a fundamental deal of electricity they will drastically reduce the electricity bill thus reducing strain on the non-renewable sources of energy.

A great advantage that the shingles have is that they do not occupy any extra space like solar panels. The shingles care fitted on the roofs and do not need the space of some other equipment. The electricity generated by these shingles is maintenance free and also as good as a one-time investment that gives continued returns.

A problem with solar roof shingles or any equipment that uses solar energy is that it does not come cheap. The use of the solar panels or shingles is thus restricted to those who can afford it. However continuous efforts are being made to make the use of this energy economic and affordable. The scientists aim at making it available to everyone so that we can make use of this alternate source of energy so doing our bit in keeping this planet green. Nature provides us with a tremendous source of energy, products like the solar roof shingles are an excellent way to utilize it.

The Solar roof shingles now come in different colors and blend in perfectly with the color your roof. The brown color is generally preferred as it suits the roof and does not stand out like the initial blue or purple.

The solar power users get an additional tax rebate in USA. This is another advantage one gets on installing the solar roof shingles. The government believes that using solar energy reduces the strain on existing resources and thus encourages it.

The roof traditionally was used to protect you from the different climatic conditions, but with the advent of the Solar roof shingles, the roof will keep producing electricity for you, and provide it to you in case of a power failure.

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