Solar Power Roof Shingles, Tiles and Panels – Harness Solar …

Solar Roofing Shingles/Tiles are wonderful approach to harness the endless power of the sun, and is environmentally friendly for producing free electricity. They are like regular asphalt shingles which have a special photovoltaic substance in a thin film on the the top, and which can transform solar light directly into electricity we can use at home, or anywhere else. Like other roofing tiles, they blend with the roof in the best possible way, and they will not ruin the value of your house or building. You can build your house with them already in your design, or you can install them afterward.

The Power of the Sun (Solar Energy)

Sun is everywhere, but we simply can not imagine the sheer power of the sun because we are not used to deal with such a large quantities in our regular life. We should be aware that every single hour, our planet receives enough solar power from our Sun in heat-radiation form, that we can address all of our energy needs, that is if we all want to.

We have not encountered any other source of energy which is constant in its nature, distributed all over the planet in quantities, and which are large enough to satisfy all of our power needs.

Lower or Cut your Electricity bill for your home for good

The size of any regular roof surface is large enough to cover all the electricity needs for your home, and this solar panels, shingles, tiles, which are known as photovoltaic devices are capable of producing renewable power for years to come. They are long term devices to harness solar power, so they could produce electricity for 20, 40, 50, or even more years. You build, do it yourself, or let professionals install them, and you can forget about them. They produce power/energy and lower your monthly energy bill.

10% Price Premium added to your Solar Powered House

Having a house that already has a solar power system installed will have a substantial price premium to the value of your property. Lots of people are getting more concerned about the environment, because we can now feel the effects of global warming and climate changes are happening fast. Tsunamis, floods, typhoons, hurricanes are occurring more often than in the past.

Houses and buildings which use renewable energy sources have much more competitive and stronger position on the resale housing market. Property markets worldwide are in a quite bad situation, considering that house prices are in a constant decline now after many years of high growth.

10% will be added to the value of your house if it implements solar roofing tiles/shingles/panels. That is a very good price premium and additional advantage of saving more because of producing your own electricity. And you will have total power independence of your household.

Buy or DIY(do it yourself) once, then harvest endless Solar Energy for a long time

Solar power shingles/tiles/panels is a single investment, which means you have to deal with the making, or installation cost once, and you are going to produce free electricity for the whole life span of your roof.

It will be like an investment of your money in government bonds earning interests. But energy prices are constantly rising, while government bonds interest rates are constantly falling, so you know where you can invest your money for higher returns. Having a homemade solar power system with the shingles, tiles and panels will save you money in the long term.

Own Electricity Freedom

We cannot imagine a modern life today without a constant power at home, there’s the tv set, internet, computers, ipods, mobile phones, lighting, fridge, home appliances and many more that need electricity, and being totally self-sustainable and independent gives us a great peace of mind. Considering electricity supply, it is a very smart decision to be totally independent.

Using Solar Power Batteries in your Homemade Solar Power

Do you know that there are many private solar power installations that are connected to the national power grid, and they sell sufficient electricity to the power supplier? Then they buy electricity back at the same price when they need it later. Having your own solar power batteries with sufficient capacity to power your needs will make you totally power independent. There are a number of these batteries on the market, but choose those which demand no maintenance.

How about the cost of having a homemade solar power system?

Is putting up your own solar power system expensive? No.

Installing a solar power system with the roof shingles, roofing tiles, and solar panels could add about 4% or less to your overall cost of your house, however, it will immediately give you the price premium of 10%. You will make your home energy efficient, and increase the value of your property. So it is a very good return of your investment, that is about 6% gain in the very start.

You will also be lowering your monthly electricity bill significantly, and this will last many years.

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