Solar Pool Panels Heat Up Your Poolside Parties

Nothing says summertime and fun and relaxation than jumping into a swimming pool that's been warmed up. A warm pool means refreshing dips, poolside parties, full-body workouts, family playtime or even romantic rendezvous. The problem though is that, even when it's the hottest it could be outside, jumping into a pool of what amounts to a huge container of ice water is not healthy, much less comfortable. However, the costs to heat a pool constantly can skyrocket as the summer progresses.

Solar pool panels can provide a simple and effective solution to the heating problem. To suggest that the sun could heat the pool might lead many to believe that you just let the sun shine down onto the water and heat it up. Truth is, the sun does not always do a good job by itself; in fact, much of the time, it does a lousy job heating up a pool. So the sun needs a way to be utilized into heating the pool.

Mounted On The Roof

In order to heat the water from the pool, the solar pool panels are mounted first on the roof the nearby building. A pump inside pumps the water up to the solar panels. The heat from the sun heats up the water traveling through them and then gravity returns the heated water back to the pool. The solar panels eliminate the need for a water heater or propane heater. The sunlight does all the work. Even though you do have a pump working all the time, you're still saving money heating the pool because you're not spending the extra money with a water heater.

Of course, you could always power the pump by installing a solar panel onto it. That would bring even more savings.

Enjoy Swimming For A Longer Period

When you use a solar pool panel, you have the advantage of reducing your energy costs, as stated before, and with that reduction, you can lengthen your swimming season. Your customers will love you for that, since no one wants to say good-bye to the summer, at least too quickly.

Draining the solar pool panels is easy, since you can keep the pump running and let gravity do the rest. Since the panels are on the roof, that's all it takes. You do need to make sure all the water's been pumped out, though, or you could face busted pipes during the winter, but this setup makes that problem a lot less likely.

Panel Material

The panels themselves can be made out of metal or plastic, but metal is, of course, a lot more durable than plastic and less likely to burst. With metal, any repair is simply done by soldering. Plastic, however, can be used for budgetary reasons and can last for a long time if properly taken care of.

When having a pool installed by a home, this same system is still great for heating it. You can still install them on your roof, or, if you have a hill in your back yard, you can install them there. For the homeowner, the solar pool panels will definitely pay for themselves. And no matter where you install them, you'll have that nice, heated pool for all your get-togethers.

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