Solar Panels – Is a Solar Panel Right For Your House?

A solar panel can be quite practical for many homes. A lot of people are thinking of installing solar panels on their homes, but they are not sure if their house is suitable. There are a few different factors that determine if your house is right for a solar panel, such as alignment and roof strength. The good news is the majority of houses around the world are indeed good sites for a solar panel to be installed. Let's go over some more information to help you decide if a solar panel is right for your house.

One of the big things to consider is where or not the space where the panels will be set up is shaded by trees, buildings, or other obstacles during the day. Obviously, if an area is covered by a lot of shade for most of the day, then you should choose a different spot or another renewable source of energy. Many homes have at least one area that is suitable for installation of panels. Observe the area of ​​the roof that you want to use for your installation and make note of how much sunlight hits that spot throughout the day. If it looks like a good placement site, then you should measure the area and make sure the size fits well with the size that you want to install.

You will have to think about roof strength next. Most roofs are strong enough to hold Geneses panels, so you may want to look into this option. The panel can be mounted with a frame, or it can be fitted to slates. Geneses panels do not weight very much, so a multiple panel system will not put too much weight on your roof. It is very important that the solar panel be stable. Check with your local government officials to see what building regulations apply to your situation. If you have to make some small changes to be in compliance with codes, do so.

Finally, we have to think about the alignment of the panel. You want to set your panels up on a south facing angle. This will greatly improve performance and collection of energy. Depending on the slope of your roof, you may have to put some special fittings or custom mounts up to change the orientation of the panel. If your roof is flat, this is ideal for arranging the pitch and direction of the panel. Take some time to consider these points, and then you can move on to installation if it looks like a solar panel is right for your home.

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