Solar Panels – Crystalline vs Amorphous

The majority of solar energy roofing systems that have been installed over the last several decades use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells to convert solar energy to electricity. Typically, these crystalline solar panels have sunlight conversion efficiencies that range from 8 to 15 percent. Unfortunately, crystalline solar panels are a pricey option in solar energy roofing, due to a complicated and labor intensive manufacturing process.

On the other hand, a newer and less expensive type of solar photovoltaic panel has emerged in the solar panel roofing scene: Amorphous solar photovoltaic panels. Because amorphous solar roofing systems require a less intensive manufacturing process, they are far more affordable than their crystalline counterparts. Amorphous panels do, however, have lower conversion efficiencies than crystalline systems. Typical amorphous panels have energy conversion efficiencies that range from 2 to 4 percent.

Solar Panel Roofing

More and more, home and business owners are turning to solar energy roofing solutions as a way to combat rising energy costs and promote environmental liability.

Well-suited for the notorious unpredictable (and sometimes harsh) weather in the Mid-west, as well as throughout the country, solar PV panel systems can dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home or business. In fact, a 10 kW system of solar PV panels will generate the energy equivalent of 583,000 lbs of coal over it's lifetime! Over that same lifetime, solar pv panel installation will add to your bottom line. In just the first six years of usage, the anticipated total savings, revenue, and incentives of a $ 225,000 installation are greater than $ 250,000. The ability of your building to be self-sufficient in energy production will also allow you to sell excess energy to other companies. On top of the savings, your business / home will demonstrate environmental awareness. Our company will also provide an interactive system that will display the output gained by the installation of your solar pv panel so that you can see results instantly.

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