Solar Energy Products – Are Attic Fans and Roof Panels Wort…

Solar energy is now becoming, in the year 2010, a better way to heat, cool or supply energy to your home. But is the cost worth the long term savings? Is solar energy just another wave of products that make big bucks for the manufacturers, or are solar energy products really the way to proceed with your residential or commercial energy goals?

First, solar energy can be a great benefit to the environment, as we all know. Green house gases and global warming are two major concerns. We all want to feel positive about our future. But how many of us take the next step to ACT and invest in our planet?

Although many of us hear the phrase, "Save the world" we are being mislead by this phrase because the world is not going anywhere. The world, or the planet Earth, has been around for billions of years. In contrast, human life on the planet Earth has only been around for a few tiny years (from an evolution point of view). We are a flash in the pan as far as time is concerned. Our life as humans on this planet is very volatile.

The question is this: What are we willing to do about it? What investments and sacrifices are we all willing to make? We can all see and FEEL the effects of global warming.

Studies also show that most people agree that we are in danger danger and we all agree that each of us is responsible for our actions. Are you composting? Are you diligently recycling? Most important, are you cutting down on energy consumption? Well, hopefully we are all making an effort.

Solar attic fans, solar roof panels, in fact – solar ANYTHING, is a huge help. Remember, the planet is safe, but we as humans are NOT safe. We are not trying to save the world, we are trying to save OURSELVES!

The sooner we realize this truth, commit to it, and take action, the sooner our safety will be assured. Sure there are so many other developing countries that absolutely can not afford these new solar energy products. And with a country like India fast becoming more and more advanced, there is the added danger of gigantic depths of more damage to our planet. Are we really heading towards a human life catastrophe? Or can we pull it together quickly enough to save our skins?

Is implementing solar energy into our lifestyles worth the cost?

Well, we need to understand what this cost is before feeling good about taking action. The cost is a bit expensive, upfront. We need to invest in the solar products, and then pay to have these solar products installed properly. The good news is most quality solar energy products require very little maintenance and some products include lifetime warrantyies.

The bottom line? Solar energy products is the essential wave of the future, just like the Internet was 20 years ago. As costs for solar energy products consistently become less and less, we can all do our part, step-by-step. The real question is this: Will we (will you) take the effort to invest in our human life on the planet Earth?

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