Slate Roof Replacement

Slate roof repair and replacement is a highly competitive business. For this reasons, many out-of-state contractors enter the area to compete with local businesses. The problem here is that they are less accessible once they pack up and leave. When In need of roof replacement homeowners should instead turn their attention to the many fine local contractors. In this way, they can have the confidence of dealing with a company that has integrated itself into the community.

Homeowners Process To Roof Replacement

The homeowner’s process should begin by seeking estimaes from at least three separate local companies. The homeowner should feel free to seek as many as they would like, but three is generally enough to give a fair assessment and an accurate figure. For an approximation, consider that the shingles cost $10-$50 depending on quality. Most slate is at the low end of the range, and the type that is more expensive generally offers only aesthetic benefits. This means that the homeowner replacing a 2,000 square foot roof will require $20,000-100,000 in materials alone. Labor costs will be approximately $5 per square foot on top of that amount.

Benefits & Laws

When seeking roof replacement customers should note that it is legal for contractors to lay the new roof on top of old roofing surface as long as there are less than three layers. However, in light of the cost of a roof, it is advised that one not scrimp in any way. The benefits of a slate roof are long-term. This is what helps offset the high costs. Barring an extraordinary event, slate roofs last forever, and they very rarely need repair. In the event that a problem has developed, it is very unusual that one would need a full slate roof replacement. This generally only occurs if there was an inferior initial install.

Homeowners that are considering a slate roof renovation should note that slate roofs do not qualify for the current Energy Star tax rebates for new roofs. Despite this, slate is a very energy-efficient material.

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