Should I Install Solar Panels on My Roof?

Have you ever noticed that when the sun is shining, everything in life seems a little easier? Well if you want to take that feeling of wellbeing a little further, you could think about using the energy from the sun to improve the environment as well as your own sense of happiness.

A few years ago this article would have only appeared to a limited number of individuals who were interested in green issues, but with the environment now a hot political potato, solar energy is fast becoming a topic of interest for a large percentage of the population. Add to that the fact that the economies of solar power have changed dramatically as well, it is now financially viable for a much larger number of homes to consider powering their homes using solar panels.

Many states in America are starting to introduce alternative energy programs to meet Federal regulations, and it makes sense that any program that potentially reduces the amount of pollution we generate will play a big part in contributing to a much more sustainable world.

If you decide to install solar panel on your roof, not only will you be doing your 'bit' to help the environment, but because the cost of installing these products has been falling for some time now, you will also benefit your own pocket with the savings you will make. Do not worry if you are not a solar expert, the days of needing the many skills of a competent of construction workers are over, today you can have a customized solar system designed and installed without the need to get your own hands dirty.

Modern solar energy systems today are fully integrated into your local grid system, which means there is no need to house banks of very large batteries anymore. If you want to be fully energy-independent, you can opt for the storage batteries, but you need to be aware that they take up a ton of space and they contain many toxic chemicals.

So how much will this all cost?

For an average 2000 square foot house that is paying around $ 150 a month for electricity, the ballpark figure would be $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 for a fully installed system. That's a lot of money I know, but in many states now there are subsidies available (up to $ 10,000) and there's a new federal tax credit of $ 2,000 as well. So if your initial outlay is between $ 8,000 and $ 13,000 we are looking at a payback time of between 4.5 years and 7.2 years – and that's assuming electricity prices do not rise (but they will, trust me!). All in all there has probably never been a better time to invest in your future.

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