Shingling the Roof

Roof shingling basically reflects to a covering that consist of individual element's overlapping. They are usually flat-shaped and placed in rows. The bottom edge of one row overlaps the previous row by approximately 1 / 3rd of the total length.

Nowadays, shingles are made of many types of materials like slate, wood, ceramic or asbestos-cement. However, because of increased fire-hazard, use of wooden shingles has declined. Additionally, due to rain and heat, these shingles shrink and rot. This aging results in rotting the roof building materials and damaging paint as well as ceilings.

This calls for shingling of roof even if you are using the best types of shingle. Otherwise, if you are planning to re-roof, you may want to know how to do it in an easy way.

Let us see how to shingle a roof.

It is not a difficult process to a shingle roof. If you are repairing the roof, then note the leakage points and see to what extent the damage has been done. The tile may be cracked or missing, look for the damage where the edge of one tile overlaps the other. If you still could not see anything, then you need to call a professional for repairing the roof.

If you know the problem, the next step is to repair it. You can do this by changing the shingles of the damages area. If you are replacing the shingle, then do it in the following manner:

Firstly remove the old shingle. After removing it, you need to check the roofing paper. If the paper is damaged, then replace it and fix a new shingle.

If the roof is new, then first of all, measure the area cautiously. This will give you an idea about how much roofing paper and shingles are needed. After that, start by laying down the roofing paper. It is important to lay down the roofing paper before you start shingling. The roofing paper comes in a roll, so lay it from end to another in a row format. While laying it for the second row, just overlap the roofing paper; say by 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch.

The next step is placing the shinglees ie rectangular roof tiles. As you know, roof tiles are places in rows, so start from the lower edge of the roof. Place the side of shingle having the gap towards the edge of the roof. While you place each edge, do not forget to nail it down. Once you complete one row, step towards the second row.

The last step is to cap the top ridge of the roof with the help of overlapping shingles.

The reason for shingling the roof may be any but you must understand that it is a dangerous work. So, certain precautionary measures should be kept in mind that will prevent you from any injury. Some of the tips are as follows:

• If you want to repair the roof, then do this task on a sunny day rather than on a rainy or cold day. This is because on a sunny day, the roof would be dry and not slippery as wet roof that may result in accidents. So, the chances of slipping from the dry roof will be very less.
• You should use safety routes while you are on the roof.
• It is always good to tell someone about what you are doing. Also, if possible, then you can work with some helper or anyone else who can be there with you.
• Use a ladder to repair the roof as it is the safest way to work with proper grip.
• Use rubber sole footwear. This will not let you slip from the roof as its grip is much better than any other sole. Also, do not wear loose clothes that may put you on risk.
• If you are going to repair the roof, one thing you should keep in mind is the location of power lines or antenna. Also, do not bring them in contact with the metal ladder or try to touch them. In case you have to, then use a dry cloth to hold them instead of bare hands.
• Try to place the tools at some place that will not result in sliding and is in easy reach for you.
• Do not keep loose nails or shingles on the roof like that. You can easily slip off the roof because of such mistakes.
• Ask other people to stay away from the surrounding area till the time your work is not over. Better still, you can put a sign board too for those who do not know that you are shingling the roof.

Always keep in mind that if you are alert enough about small things that may cause accidents, you will be able to complete the task without any injury.

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