Using shingles for the roof of a house has become a viable option these days for houses with slanting roofs that can get rid of accumulated water naturally. Of course, shingles are no new invention and they have been traditionally used in Britain way back in the thirteenth and fourteen centuries. But considering them a modern building material and making possible changes to the original product to suit the times have come about in a big way quite recently. Shingles not only look fashionable but are also a perfect way of protecting oneself from the elements. They are waterproofing for the roof.

Shingles come in various shapes, sizes, colors, (ranging from blue, green and tan to dark chocolate and black) durability, and of course, budgets. To site a very common example, shingles are much like a duck's back where none rainwater nor melted snow gets much opportunity to stagnate.

Singles are made of a variety of materials like ceramic, asphalt (fiber glass and organic are the two basic types), metal, cedar, oak, and cypress. The price quite naturally differs from material to material, and there are shingles available for almost every budget.

Ceramic shingles, for example, are more expensive than other types of shingle and the roof of a house needs to be unusually tough to bear the weight of ceramic shingles. However, there are lighter options like asphalt shingles that may be used just as effectively. For those who look at a shingled roof as another excuse to splurge, going in for laminated shingles would be a smart choice.

Whatever the case maybe, before installing a shingle roof, it is an absolute must for the owner to consult expert roofing professionals to find out what suits his home and budget. Shingles vary from region to region and the owner needs to keep in mind the style of his home and the weather patterns of his locality before installing a shingle roof.

The central idea is to make a good choice for one's dream home. It is always best to select a roofing system that will not only enhance the beauty of the house but would also increase its durability.

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