Roofs and Replacement

When does one decide not to replace an old roof? I can only think of if your home is foreclosed on or you're teething it down. The one thing about an old roof is there going to start leaking sooner than later. Most people will do any renovation on a house there is except for the roof. For some reason a new roof can wait. But can it really wait? I've known people that thought the very same thing and within a couple of years their new renovation was being ruined by a small leak that soon turned into a bigger leak. No matter if you decide to keep your house or sell it, a new roof is worth the investment. When roofs start leaking you have damage to the interior of your home that probably will not be covered by any insurance policy. And not many people will buy a house with a leaking roof.

Why should you hire your new roof out to a roofing contractor? Doing a roof replacement is a lot of hard dirty work especially when there are several layers of old shingles plus the old cedar shakes on top of your roof. Roofers understand many layers of shingles are a tough job to strip off, but if you have a crew of experienced roofers the job goes much easier when doing a roof replacement. Home owners start looking through their how to roof manual and think they may save a lot of money by doing their own roofing and they might. But sometimes these kinds of projects might take one or two guys most of the summer to complete. Rofers are used to climbing around on roofs with loose roofing material on them. Before a home owner tries to tackle his own roof replacement take into consideration the fact that a fall might lay him up for a while without any work or even worse, death could result in a fall. That's why licensed roofing contractors carry insurance on their crew, and you might not want to hire a contractor that does not. Your home owners insurance may end up covering any misfortunes the uninsured contractor.

Roofing is not just nailing roofing shingles up on top of a house. It's making sure the roofs are going to vent the proper way. After the old shingles are striped off and proper sheeting is in place. The new decking is quickly covered with ice and water shield on the edge of the structure and twenty pound felt paper the rest of the way up. Before you install the new shingles you want to make sure the bottom eves have the proper venting and you have a proper vent space at the top of the roof for the air to flow through. You may have to add proper vents in the rafters below so the air will circulate. Once the ventilation is established you can install the shingle and ridge vent. Making sure the roof vents out properly will extend the life of your roof past its warranty.

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