Roofing – Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

The average life span of a roof is about fifteen years depending on the type of material used and the weather it is exposed to. At some point every home owner will face the daunting task of replacing it on their home and it can seem like an off putting job to find a professional roofer to get it done. One of the most important factors to consider that will have an impact on both the cost and the finished appearance will be the roofing contractor that is selected to do the job. Since the replacement should last a good fifteen years and the cost can be very high it is imperative to select a competent and professional roofer to do the job right the first time.

One method to find a contractor that is highly recommended is to utilize a consumer based web site that post the consumer reviews of a business with a degree of accountability by not posting reviews that are submitted anonymously. Finding at least three contractors should be easy after reviewing their consumer ratings and then selecting the top contenders to interview. A contractor can help guide the homeowner in the next part of the process of replacing or repairing the roof by helping with material selection based on the consumer budget and needs.

The material used will have an impact on the overall cost of repairing or replacing the roof as will the pitch and by doing a little research on the type of materials available you can understand your options better. A few different types of material to consider for roofing materials include asphalt composite shingles which are cheap but not overall attractive since they tend to have a flat look to them and slate roofing which is more expensive but also more attractive.

For the home owner wanting to be ecologically responsible there is rubber slate or faux slate which is a composite of recycled materials. Metal roofs have also begun to grow a bit in popularity due to the fact that they have a long lifetime of easy no maintenance care but this is a selection that can require the roofing contractor to have special knowledge to install correctly.

What ever roofer you end up going with will be a great asset to selecting materials and keeping the price within your budget. And of course after the roofing contractor does what should be a wonderful job after your research and selection process, make sure to post a positive review on the same consumer web site so the roofer can be around to replace the roof again in fifteen years.