Roofing Shingles Reviews – Which Shingles Are The Best?

How Do They Help?

Roofing shingles reviews help to make up our mind on a particular roofing shingle type or material. There are as many opinions on the best type of roof as there are people and roofing contractors. No two people will agree on the same reasons. No single roofing shingle is best for all types of homes and climates.

Can Any Two Roofing Contractors Agree?

Can any two people agree on who is the best singer in the world? On what criteria can you judge that fact? Based on albums sold all-time, life-time of the artiste, last year or decade? Or based on the years their albums spent at the top of the charts? Shingles and singers are not the best comparison models but you do understand how difficult it is judge on the basis of narrow criteria. Same is the case with roofing shingles. The best shingles are not the most popular. People decide on roofing material based on their budget, the aesthetics of home, the durability and trouble-free nature of product.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Another point to note is that not all roofing shingles are suitable for every climate. A shingle that processes excellently in the cold and dry weather will be a disaster when used in hot and wet climate. You may have read up dozens of roofing shingles reviews on the said product which all claimed how well it performed. But, it may not suit to your local weather and can turn into an absolute failure. So, is the product bad? No, it was just not suited to the local area.

What Should You Do?

One – Look for roofing shingles reviews that mention the kind of weather and local climate that they are best suited for.

Two – Look for shingles that meet your needs in terms of looks, budget and level of maintenance needed

Three – Look for shingles that are tough, durable, have long warranties, replacement guarantee in case the products are found to have of manufacturing defect.

Four – Ask recommendations from your local roofing contractor. Most likely no two roofing contractors will agree on what is best for your roof, but at least they will be products qualified for your area. You can choose the product that suits your needs.

Five – Look around you, there are homes with different roofing types. Do you like something, talk to the owner to find out if the roof has given any problems, how much maintenance it needs, what are the costs involved and if possible get the details about the roofing contractor who did the job.

In Roofing Installation Matters

A lot of experts on roofing matters agree, that finally it is not the product alone but the installation of roofing shingles that makes a serious difference on how long and how well a roof performances. So, choose a good quality shingles product that is suited for region where you live and spend your time and energy looking for a good contractor who works with the shingles you prefer. Roofing contractors work best with their favored roofing products, and going with them will often give you the best results. Even if a roofing contractor seems expensive, it will be worth the money if they do a good job of installation.

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