Roofing – Replacing a Wood Shingle

When you notice that a wood shingle on your roof has become cracked or damaged, the best option is the replace it immediately. This will help you avoid leaks while maintaining the longevity of the roof as a while. Thankfully, the process is a simple one, which takes only a small amount of time and effort.

Tools / Materials
Pry bar
Extension ladder
Replacement shingles
Wood Block
Roof Cement
Roofing Nails

Step 1 – Safety Comes First
Roofing can be dangerous work. In order to ensure a task is completed without injury, several safety precautions should be taken into consideration. Avoid walking on a wooden roof, especially when it is raining. Choose a dry, warm day to do your roofing. Always have someone close by to secure the ladder as you climb up and down.

Step 2 – Shingle Removal
Using your hammer and chisel, crack the damaged bit and remove it in chunks.

Step 3 – Trim and Measure the Replacement
Cut out a replacement shingle so that it looks slightly smaller than the space it's about to fill (roughly 3/8 narrower). Moisture and humidity causes shingles to expand over time, and the space will help avoid cracking of the replacement. If you happen to make a mistake, you should have a few extras on hand as most shingles are sold in bundles.

Step 4 – Make Room
Because shingles overlap, try using a pry bar to lift it directly above the one that has been removed. In this way, you will be able to remove the old nails that held the damaged one in place. These can be best deal with, with a hacksaw. Also make sure any smaller fragments of the previous shingles are extracted.

Step 5 – Replacement
Place the new one in the vacant spot, allowing roughly inch inch to hang down past the surrounding shingles. Drive two nails into the top at a 45 degree angle.

Step 6 – Adjust into place
Place a wood block at the end of the new piece where it sticks out. This will act as a buffer between the shingle and the hammer. Hit the block several times until it is properly aligned. Push the shingle above the replacement back down into the correct position.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of ​​who to fix a wood shingle. Remember, that if you end up running into an issue which is beyond your skill level, to consult a professional.

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