Roofing Materials – Which Is Best For Your Home

When it comes to roofing, a homeowner has several choices to make including what type of materials will be optimal for the job. Some of the more popular types are currently tile, metal, hot mop, concrete, slate, wooden shakes and shingles. Depending on an individual's budget, architectural style of their home and personal preferences, there will be a roof that meets their needs.


Tiles are made of clay and are quite common in certain regions such as the southern United States. They go very well with homes that have a Mexican or Italian architectural design. These clay roofing tiles come in various colors and have a terra cotta look to them. They are very resilient in hot weather and will last an extremely long time. Their down sides are that they are very heavy and more expensive than some other options.


Metal roofing was popular years ago and has seen a resurgence in current times. Metals which are used today include steel that is either new or has been recycled. Years ago, zinc and copper were widely utilized as well. Metallic options are considered "green" and energy conservers. Many efficient builders choose this option for their homes.

Hot Mop

This is an application of asphalt which is hot moped on to flat roofs in both commercial and residential settings. It is often accompanied by a top layer of decorative stones.


Concrete roofing tiles are an alternative to clay. They are often formed to look like wood or clay tiles but are lighter weight. These are reportedly very durable, especially the newer products. Some of the earlier experimentation with concrete had problems with breaking down and changed appearance. This is not true of the newer models.


Slate shingles are very attractive but also quite expensive so they are found more often on pricier abodes. They are quite heavy as well as fragile to walk on, but are fire-safe, durable in inclement weather and resilient when it comes to bugs and infestations. The colors are very natural looking because they are actually slices of rocks.

Wooden shake

Wooden shakes are very attractive and homey looking but they require more maintenance than other options. Timber items are more susceptible to insect problems, molding, wearing away and fire damage. When it comes time to replace it, the whole thing must be beaten away and begin again.


Shingles come in a wide variety of colors, appearances, price-tags and durability ratings. These are made from either asphalt or fiberglass. The more expensive the roofing shingles, the longer they are supposedly to last. During windstorms, these products have been known to blow off. When it comes time to replace a roof, a second layer may be applied directly over the first layer so it can save money in labor costs. These items are rated to be fire-safe, as well.

What sort of roofing materials a homeowner selects will depend on their architectural design, budget, climate and their own personal preferences. Getting a few estimates for various kinds will help in the decision making process.

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