Roofing – Flat Roof Repair

Whereas a sloped roof works to allow water to run down the surface and onto the ground below, a flat roof must be able to retain water through the use of a seal in order to prevent water damage. If you have noticed blisters or cracks in the shingles of your flat roof, you may be looking at some roofing repair work. In this article, we will outline the basics of flat roof repair.

Cracks and Peels

Step 1 – Head up top and sweep the surface to rid the area of ​​dust and debris that has collected. Roofing cement has difficulty adhering to dirty surfaces, and so the area must be clean.

Step 2 – Next, cut around the problem area with a sharp razor in order to remove the section in question. Try your best to make it a straight edge shape, such as a rectangle.

Step 3 – You will then use the piece cut from the roof as a base to cut the replacement shingle.

Step 4 – Cut out an additional shingle, roughly 2 inches larger than the area and apply cement underneath the edges before pressing the new shingle into the vacant spot.

Step 5 – To secure the area, tack the new shingle down with roofing nails. Cement need only be applied to the bottom layer, and the others will be able to be nailed.

Step 6 – Next, lay an even larger shingle patch over the last one and secure it in the same fashion as the others. Add cement to the edges to seal it in place.

Bubbles and Split Shingles

Step 1 – Begin by cutting into the first layer of the bubble with a razor blade.

Step 2 – Pry the layer open from the cut and apply roofing cement into the interior and both edges of the cut. This method also works with split shingles.

Step 3 – Nail each side of the area down and cover it with a patch, similar to the method used in the application above.


If you find yourself in a situation which requires a little more know-how, or think you've gotten yourself in over your head, the best solution is to call in the aid of a professional roofing technician. He or she will best be able to diagnose the problem and offer recommendations and solutions to help in fixing it.

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