Roofers: Why Paint The Roof White?

Painting the roof white is a big subject but not a serious topic. Painting the roof white generally believed to have some advantages. As the white color throws over the heat, only little heats are occupied by home. Today many roofers are employed to paint roof white.

Not alone this, you could do something to save our planet. The United States Energy Secretary and the Nobel champion scientist, Steven Ch, has stated that painting roof with light color or white color could do something to decrease global warming by throwing away the sunshine to the space. It could be something like taking away all vehicle right from the planet for about eleven yrs.

The matter which no one talks over is the method to paint the roof. Other than trade coatings, some of them have really went out and painted the roof by own.

What kind of roof to get painted?

First of all, let us presume that you've the asphalt or composite roof. It's calculated that upwards of eighty to ninety percent of the houses in northern US have complex roofs. This figure could be stretched, depending upon whether you inquire the objective observer or the roofing commercial service. However the figure sounds really exact. If you do not trust me, then simply look at your window.

How large is the roof?

Not simply the baseless question – a cruel question. As you may discover that the roof paintings are very expensive. And it generally comes up alone through mail-order.

Rather than using the word "square footage", the roofers generally use the term as "squares". The word square equals 100 sq ft.

For the home which measures of thirty by fifty feet (on ground), you should have around fifteen roofing squares on the ground-level. Transforming this to the shape of roof-level may provide you twenty squares of shingles for roofing. The figure is greater due to the pitch of the roof, or the slope. 20 squares are equal to two thousand sq ft of shingles for roofing which you have to paint.

Estimating the quantity and cost for roof painting

Let us go with that twenty squares measurement which we came up before.

For Hyper seal painting, you have to use approximately fourteen gallons for 1st coating. At the present costs, this could price you about four hundred and sixty six dollars, without including the shipping cost. As you have to use 2 coats, let us presume that you are applying one-half which amount seven gallons for 2nd coating. Last cost: 735 dollars, again shipping not included.

HyTech paint: This is a bit affordable. At very small end, assuming the spreading range of hundred sq ft to a gallon, the total price tag could be 525 dollars for both the coatings.

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