Roof Shingles, Panels, and Tiles Powered by Solar Energy – …

With the increasing rates of electric bills, it is only wise that we use the abundant energy available for free-the solar energy. The use of solar tiles, shingles and panes for your roofing is a wonderful approach to capture the endless power of the sun. And as for being attractive and powerful, it is environment friendly, while producing free electricity. They are an incredible breakthrough in the solar power market.

Solar-celled roofing may seem to look like a regular asphalt roof but they contain a special thin film of photovoltaic cell substance on the top, which can harness and transform solar light directly into electricity that we can use at home or anywhere else. Like any other regular roofing tiles, they blend with the roof in a nice way and they do not ruin the value of the house.

The size of the regular roof surface is large enough and also depends on the electricity needs of the house. And these solar-celled roofs are capable of producing renewable power for years to come since they are devices that are designed for long term use.

There are a lot of benefits when you use solar tiles, shingles and panels for your roofing:
– Saves energy- Since it uses free energy from the sun.
– Lower or cut your electric bills- Solar cell roofing is only a single investment, meaning, you have to deal with the installation cost once and you are going to profit free electricity for the whole span of the roof which will usually last for a long time.
– Own electricity freedom- with the modern technologies today, it is always an advantage to use your TV set, computer, ipod, mobile phones, lighting, refrigerator, and other home appliances without worrying for any electric charges.
– Environment friendly- Lots of people are getting more concerned about the environment, and solar roofs help control environmental pollution.
– Increases the resale rate of your house- Ten percent price premium is added to your solar powered house because having a house that already has a solar power system installed will have a basic price premium to the value of the property.
– Solar energy is obviously abundant and reliable- Sun is everywhere, and our planet receives enough solar power for the sun in heat-radiation form.
– Stronger roofs- In installing a solar cell roof, one always thinks of its durability, considering the fact that it can supply electricity for long years, so they should make sure it will last long.
– It keeps moisture and molds away. Since it is made to last, it is composed of selected materials that requires it from rust, moisture and molds.
– Odor free- No smelly by-products are produced.
– Blackout protection- It will still function during a blackout, of course, if with a battery bank.

The use of solar tiles, shingles and panels for your roofing has benefited a lot of people. It is the wave of the future, but anyone can catch it now and start enjoying tons of advantages without worries. And since our greatest worries now a days are global warming and climate changes, renewable energy sources are the only answer.

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