Roof Leaks and Immediate Repair

One of the hardest working parts of your house, the roof should get its share of attention when it comes to maintaining and even beautifying your New York home. Ensuring that your roofing system is in great condition all-year round guarantees maximum comfort and functionality for your family to enjoy each and everyday. Being exposed to all elements that can lead to wear and damages, regular maintenance is a critical part of its life. And if any leaks should be spotted, immediate repair should be done and this must be the case wherever you are in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Long Island.

The exposed nature of this part of your home makes roof leaks a common problem faced by many homeowners. What makes them most dangerous is the very silent way that they work to inflict damage with most accidents not very easy to detect. If not for obvious signs such watermarks, drips during rain, and damp spots on ceilings; most are left unattended until such time that the damage has aggravated with results ranging from growth of molds and mildew to the extensive ruin of foundation.

Other than their not-so-obvious nature of ruining things, locating roof leaks can be tricky. The simplicity or difficulty of patching up the leak will greatly be affected by the location of the seepage and weather conditions. Here are some of the most common areas and indications of damage where water might enter your home:

  • Shingles- looking through the shingle could easily point the problem. When they have been used past their working lifespan curls, blisters and cracks may already be visible; indicating the need for replacement. Other things to look for are missing shingles, exposed or loose nails, and discolored areas.
  • Points of penetration or intersection- places where different or the same construction material are joined can be reasonably spot for roof leaks. Check along and around roof plane intersections, chimneys, plumbing vents, and skylights. Molds and vulnerability implying problems with the flashing which can either be caused by faulty installation or holes.
  • From the inside- another area to look into spot roof leaks is in the attic. When raining, check the attic floor with a flashlight and look for water stains, standing water, mold growth, and wet or exposed insulation.

When such problems arise, many homeowners miscalculate the level of difficulty that repairing and even just locating the source of roof leaks entail. Immediate repair of roof leaks are best handled by roofing contractors for the safest, most timely and efficient finish. The work can not only be dangerous to homeowners planning to DIY with slipping and falling relatively common, but walking atop your house can also heighten the risk of you doing more damage to your roofing system than good.

To avoid going through the difficulties of dealing with locating and repairing roof leaks as well as facing the costs and risks, the best thing you can do is stick religiously to regular evaluation of your roofing system. As they say, 'An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.'

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