Residential Roofing Materials

Roofing used in residential areas is evidently different in materials in which they are made of. Each one has a number of advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to build a house of your own, it is important that you know what types of roofing solutions that are out there and how will you know what will suit best to your needs. You bought to know what material can give you the utmost protection at the price that your budget can afford. Below are the alternatives that you bought to consider. Hopefully, it will form an informed decision.

• Metal Roofing ¬-when you say metal roofing, it can be one or all of these three metals that are commonly used; steel, copper, aluminum and others. During the late 1700's these materials are very famous. In fact, some notable buildings like Washington Monument made use of such metals. This can promise you strength but it can also cost you your pretty penny. Some are even lightweight, like steel, and yet very durable. Some metals are treated in flames so it is fire-retardant and if your flashing will not have any problems, you will not find it hard to maintain it.

• Slate Roofing – because of its hefty price, you can mostly see this type of roofing in the homes of the wealthy and famous people. But the price that it asks from you can be compensated by the beauty that they can give you. It can certainly provide you a roof that is impenetrable by insects and even rodents. Like tiles, it also lasts for longer period of time. If taken properly, it can survive until 150 years. In addition, it provides you security from fire so it will not break down that easily in the event that your home will be on fire.

• Cedar Shingles-most of the time, this type of roofing is made out of Western Red Cedar. It is also commonly referred to as wood shakes. This would give your roof, not to mention you house a unique character that looks au naturel. This is because like the human's fingerprints, there can never be two wood shakes that are exactly like.

Everyone has various colors, width and thickness and even cut of the wood without it is cut by a machine. It will remain fashionable as it only turns gray when it has undergone wear and tear. Aside from giving you shade, it is also a good insulator so it saves you money as you might have no need of an insulator.

• Clay Tile Roofing -this alternative is resistant from growth of mold, decaying and burning this is why it is also one of the favorites among homeowners. Most California homes have this type of roofing. It can give you a modern yet clean look. However, you bought to remember that clay can be weighty so you need to have strong beams that will support the roof. It is not also that cheap so consider your budget as well if you like this option. In addition, it is quite high maintenance and repairing would would require certain skills.

• Asphalt Shingles -those who want an economic alternative can choose asphalt shingles or composition as it is called commonly. It is made from merely asphalt or fiberglass. It has a wide range of styles and colors that you can choose from so you would not urn out of options. Aside from the look, its installation will not make you sweat as you can even just put it above your existing roof.

• Fiberglass shingles -this makes use of a layer of fiberglass at the bottom. It has made to be waterproof as it is combined with some asphalt. This is kind of cheap too and is durable enough, lasting for about 30 years at the maximum. However, it may not be good for your health as it has a carcinogen component called formaldehyde so think twice before going for this type of roofing. Also, it is shorter to mildew and growing of moss. It has another type, which is called laminated shingle. This is more expensive and last much longer. In addition, it looks far better than asphalt and fiberglass shingles. However, it is heavier and pricey.

Roofing materials written above will give you an idea on what and what not to expect as the good and weak points are indicated. Choose carefully what you will employ at your home so that you can get the most value of your dimes.

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