Residential Roofing – Make The Right Choices

Choosing the best residential roofing material requires careful consideration of the pros and cons including the costs of the available materials. As the topmost protective and decorative layer of the structure, the roof must be a good balance between form and function, beauty and durability, and affordability and longevity. With that being said, here are the most popular types of roofs including their pros and cons.

Metal Roofs

These roofs are a modern-day favorite for several reasons.

• Versatility

These materials can be manufactured in large sheets, in single panels and in individual shingles to mimic the appearance of tiles, shakes and shingles made from wood, concrete and stone.

• Durability

Metal roofs are durable because of the alloys and paints used in their manufacture, not to mention that these materials are not subject to root unlike wood shingles and shakes. These are also fire-resistant, a must in fire-prone areas.

Unlike most materials, metal roofs can last anywhere from 50 to 75 years with little maintenance. These are more expensive with prices starting at $ 3 for a square foot of steel shingles and $ 18 for a square foot of copper roof.

Keep in mind that the installation of metal roofs must be done by professionals.

Tile Roofs

These roof materials lend an elegant look to the structure, which is true for both concrete and ceramic types of tile roofs. The materials are also imperfect to rot, insects and mold while also retaining their original color for several years. The warranty on tiles is also excellent – 50 to 75 years or more. The best thing about roof tiles is the wide variety of styles, colors and designs so much so contemporary homes will look just as good with a tiled roof as traditional homes. The materials are pricey at $ 5 per square foot for concrete tiles and $ 7 per square foot for ceramic tiles, minimum – pricey but worth it.

Wood Shingles or Shakes

These traditional roof materials are well-loved by homeowners because of their lovely appearance – elegant, luxurious, and rustic. These are also reliably affordable upon installation with costs starting at $ 4 per square foot. But wood shingles have several disadvantages that homeowners must be aware of. These materials require regular maintenance because of their vulnerability to fire, rot and leaks such that the costs of roofing repairs can quickly outpace the costs of original installation in just a few years.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are heavy but their durability more than makes up for such downside; the trick is in the proper installation of reinforced roof structure to hold up the weight. These materials can last for 100 years, which its $ 9 per square foot price tag – pricey by most standards – can justify.

Which of these roof materials is best? You must discuss your needs and desires in the roof over your head with your professional roofer with the most important thing being that it will provide protection against the elements for you and your family.

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