Repairing That Pipe Boot Leak On Your Roof

Pipe boot leak repairs

One of the most common roof leaks are caused by pipe boot deterioration. The rubber seal around the PVC waste pipe will dry out and crack and begin to leak. These plumbing pipes allow air to enter the system whenever the water is running inside for example the dishwasher or flushing the toilet. When the rubber seal, which is incorporated into the pipe boot itself, begins to leak from rain it will run down the pipe into the attic and drip off onto the insulation.

Once the insulation is arranged it will accumulate on the sheetrock ceiling and often come through a joint in the sheetrock or a light fixture. Almost always it will turn the sheetrock a yellowish color. Sometimes a plumbing pipe will come straight down from the roof inside an interior wall on the 2nd floor and then make a perpendicular turn above the ceiling on the 1st floor. When this happens water will drip on to the ceiling below doing damage to the lower level without damaging the upper level. Do not waste your money by calling a plumber before doing a thorough inspection yourself.

One way to repair the pipe boot is to replace it which includes removal and replacement of the surrounding shingles. Most of the time all that is needed is a new rubber gasket to be installed over the damaged one. Applying a polyurethane sealant between the two pieces of rubber will prevent water from seeping through. In this case none of the shingles need to be manipulated. Sealant should also be applied to the pipe boot nailsheads that attach it to the roof. If the nails are loose, additional nails should be installed and sealant applied on both sides of the pipe boot to prevent water leaks through the old nail holes.

roof leak repair