Repairing Leaking Roofs at the Nails

Roof leaks can be really frustrating and it can really be very hard to cope with. When leaks start to drip into your house interior, it signifies that a lot of damage has occurred outside your house and in your roof system. When you do not take the time to constantly check on your roof system from time to time, damage can occur and it may get severe very fast.

Dents on your roof can cause water puddles causing rust. Sometimes, debris can cause clog ups and molds and lichens start to grow and tear off tiles from the mortar. The roof cement can also start to crack, shingles fall of and the roof felt can also start to absorb water. But by far, the most irritating of all roof damage is when you roof nails start to erode.

The first step to doing the repairs is by finding the leak first. Try to go to your attic and try to see where the leak is. You can stick out a piece of nail that will serve as a marker so the once you go outside, you will not have a hard time looking for it. Otherwise, you might have to look for the hole outside by looking for raised nails. Looking for the holes inside the house is much easier because sunlight can pass through the holes

Get a good roof sealant. Once your sealant is ready, get a good hammer as well an applicator stick. Safely go up to your roof and start looking for the indicators that you have placed beforehand. Once you see the holes, you can try to look at the surrounding areas of the nail, if it has rusted badly, you might want to remove it entirely.

Apply a coat of sealant on the hole, this allows you to secure the area safely and it will make sure that the hole is properly taken care of. Replace the nail with a new one and then reapply the sealant again before you hammer it securely into place. Once the nail is replaced and the leaking roof is thoroughly checked for other potential holes, your job is done.

Just make sure that your safety is prioritized first. A lot of problems arise from accidents and falls from roof repair. Always secure your ladder and always make sure that your roofing can sustain your own weight.

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