Regular Gutter VS Seamless Gutters

Gutters are somehow helping the house to extend the durability of the walls, windows, ceilings, doors, etc… they are used to re-route the water to the specified path and let the whole sum of water collected to a certain location, either for storage or in to the lawn. Gutters are available in many types and shapes. The choice of selection of apt gutter depends on the architecture of the house and the climatic condition rather than the preference factor of the folks. Gutters serve many purposes other than water redirection, like prevents the house from mold and formation of fungus, which is very predominant in the region with the highest rainfall.

Folks sometimes feel that gutters spoil the look of the house, as they protrude out of the house, whereas some feel this as unique look and make the architecture accordingly. The gutters are divided into two based on the vicinity, they are regular or traditional gutter and seamless gutters. Some of the major differences and the pros and cons of both the types are explained below.

Regular gutters:

These have been used for many years and available in all the colors and in all type of materials like vinyl, metal, stainless steel and even in the wood which used in rare cases. The regular gutter installation is the easy process. The materials used here are available in regular size and the size can be altered based on the roof design and the pathway of water redirection. The seam should be used to seal the gutters which should be done with complete perfection in order to avoid leakage and breakthrough of water.

Improper installation in single spot will spoil the entire work of gutter installation. This gutter has paved way for testing the process simultaneously while installing by allowing the flow of waters to pass through. The regular gutters should be given priority for the maintenance as the leaves and debris get clogged when kept unnoticed for long duration. The gutter maintenance can be done periodically with ease even by the non-professionals. Alternatively there is another form of gutter which is introduced with seam called the leaf guard gutter which diverts the leaf and shed outside the gutter.


· Less expensive than seamless gutter

· Maintenance should be done by the professionals.

· Defect portion can be easily replaced without disturbing the rest.

· Can be altered easily according to the structure of the house without the special ailment.

· The blockage can be easily detected and cleaned easily.


· Frequent exposure to rust and leak

· Despite the installation of leaf guard gutter, the problem always occurs with debris.

· Replacement of single gutter will change the look of the house, so the gutter must be painted to match the house.

· Expansion and contraction of materials happens for the seasonal change which damages gutter.

Seamless gutters:

Seamless gutters are the trendy design structure for the house which is available in all the materials and they can be installed in the house during the construction process. The seamless gutters are mostly preferred in the area where the rainfall reason is more. The seamless gutters are not restricted to the particular architecture. They can be installed in multi-storey buildings which have number of bends and turns. The seamless gutters are not available in standard size.

The installation should be done by the skilled professionals, after measuring the length and shape of the gutter installment place. The required equipment is brought to the place of installation and the further proceedings are done. Gutter maintenance is not required as they do not pave way for the maintenance because of the closed architecture.


· They give a trendy look to the house

· Available for complex architecture and no need of special joints for fitting purpose

· Leakage and rust are not occurring often, as seams are present in some portion throughout the length.

· The durability is more compared to standard gutter, as they do not have impact over the freezing, expansion and contraction.

· They stay strong over a long duration and don’t provide a way for the debris and leaves. So maintenance is not required very often.


· Installation cost is more

· Cannot be done by the common folks as DIY

· Even the gutter cleaning and replacement should be done by hiring the professionals

Despite all these ups and downs, both the gutter types are still preferred in most of the regions based on the need.