Redoing the Roof With Solar Roof Tiles

With the trend towards greener and more environmentally friendly products, there are a number of new solar powered items available on the market, and one that is aimed at homeowners is solar roof tiles. These operate the same way as regular photovoltaic solar panels do, but provide you an opportunity to install your own solar system and incorporate it directly into the design of your home.

If you are in a time frame where you need a new roof anyways and have been considering installing a renewable energy resource system, doing both with the installation of solar roof tiles will hit both of those targets at one time!

The benefits of solar roof tiles include being able to capture light from just daylight instead of direct sunlight. This means that even on cloudy days your roof will be accumulating the suns energy for a power supply. They sit on your roof and are the same size and shape as regular tiles, so they do not stick out, they do not emit heat or radiation, and they do not have any noise by-product.

The entire system integrates easily into your homes electrical system, and there are connections between each tile that link each one. Solar roof tiles are installed as on regular roofs and they are required to meet the same building regulations as regular roofs do. These types of tiles are most effective when they face south.

Prior to investing in and installing a solar system with roof tiles you want to ensure that you consult with local building authorities. There may even be financial incentives available to those who want to invest in their homes with a green bent. Start-up costs may dissuade you from wanting to invest in a solar energy system, but projections show that the original investment is recouped within 4-6 years of installation, and with solar roof panels the lifetime expectancy is twenty-five years.

Twenty years free of electricity bills is a great incentive to look into alternative renewable energy sources. Maintenance may also be a concern for those unaware of this type of system. Most solar systems do not require much maintenance, and these panels are constructed with a mind set towards ease of installation and removal if necessary for replacement or inspection.

You will always need to keep the needs of your energy consumption in mind before going with a solar energy solution. If you monitor your usage for a period, along with collecting energy information from the various appliances in your home, you will know how much coverage you need for your energy solution. Should you find that your roof area is not big enough to provide enough energy, you may be able to find areas where you can put additional tiles, or use the local utility company for additional electricity needs.

Solar roof tiles are made with different materials and different styles. If you find a supplier you can easily install them, or you can get a professional to assist you with installing them. In either case, ensure you have the appropriate plans and permission from the zone where you live and then you can start saving money.

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